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Worry about smoking

My partner had ? A chest infection which was then found to be possibly due to inflammation in his gall bladder causing congestion. He is waiting for op on gall bladder. The CT scan showed that he also had a clot on his lung which he is now taking Warfarin for. He stopped smoking when all this happened but has started again albeit less then he did. I get really uptight about his smoking again and I know I go on to him about it but I can't see why someone would want to put their health at risk like this. Every time he coughs I worry and I have started to go out more as if I can't see him smoking I get less stress myself. Any thoughts !

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Stopping smoking can be a struggle, more so if the person is reluctant.

Could you ask will he try e-cigs with low nicotine content, less harmful than cigarettes.

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I have talked to him about e cigs but he is not keen. Thanks for the reply


95% less harmful and it is not the nicotine that causes problems. "We smoke for the nicotine, we die from the tar" Nicotine is naturally occurring in loads of vegetables. If a heavy smoker goes onto a low nic e-cig it simply will not satisfy him and he'll just revert to the cancer sticks. I'd like £1 for everyone who's said "those damn things don't work for me" - then switched when they've had a little guidance. Please go on line or to a local specialist vape shop, explain the situation and just get him one!

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Has he tried any stop smoking aids? There's many to help the process, like patches, sprays, ecigs etc.

It's extremely difficult to stop an addiction like smoking. He needs to want to stop & obviously it's the most sensible option since his diagnosis.

There's a quit smoking group he could join on here in HU. I'm sure he'd be encouraged & supported all the way.

Hope he gets the help he needs & it will be the best thing he can do for his health. 🌼


Thanks, he bought some Spray and uses it occasionally. I do understand how difficult it is to give up and maybe I should back off. After all he is an adult able to make his own decisions


It's very difficult to stand back & watch a loved one suffering because of a choice in lifestyle.

Yes it's his choice to smoke & he will know fully well it's not the right thing to do. He knows that it's only making his condition worse. He knows he should stop smoking.

You can only advise him & hope he makes the correct decision to stop smoking.

Don't give up on him 💐


Hello , I'm sorry you are stressed as it can make you ill. I think you should ask him to get his paperwork in order , his will etc., seeing as how he is choosing to continue losing what little good health he has left. Sad how nicotine actually soaks into your brain. I think he needs to be strong minded and get some will power from there.

Tell him while he is choosing an early demise gasping till his last breath that you will be busy being happy getting healthier and as fit as you can so you can have a nice time with or without's up to him.....

Good luck I hope he chooses life over smoking! huff x


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