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Hi I'm Tracey and today I have been told I have early stages of copd, which is quite frightening. So choices are to give up smoking. I'm looking for support groups to chat with.


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  • Hi, and welcome to the BLF. Everyone here will support you with the COPD, and encourage you in stopping smoking. There are a couple of quit sites I think, which may be of help too.

    Try Quit Support

  • Thank you very much

  • Hello and welcome. You'll get plenty of support and encouragement from the forum. Many of us know all about the stopping smoking bit, and all have different stories to tell regarding what works for us.

    We're a friendly bunch, so if you've any concerns there will always be someone to give support.

    Take care. Pam XXX

  • Thanks Pam x

  • This group is excellent with lots of genuine people in similar situations to yourself.I am stage 3 and panicked at first when when told this, I was originally diagnosed 3 years ago as stage one but couldn't stop smoking so my condition progressed rapidly, so I'd advise to give up smoking asap.If you keep active try to exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet there is no reason why the disease should progress at a fast rate.Most people with mild copd who follow the suggestions I just gave do not get much worse if at all.Its not a death sentence and please don't google anything as dr google will have you thinking the end is nigh and it isn't at all.The majority of people who die don't die of copd they die with copd.You can live a very long and satisfying life with copd just follow your doctors advice take your meds and exercise as much as you can, also trying to avoid people who have colds or the flu will also help.I wish I had stopped smoking when first diagnosed as I am only 44 with a young family.No one told me anything about the disease and if I'd found this site then I wouldn't be stage 3 now.I know it's scarey and I think everyone panics at first but the people on here have educated and supported me as they will you and a lot of people on here have had copd for 25 years or more, so please put your mind at ease.Welcome to the site and I look forward to speaking to you soon.All the best.x

  • hi hunny i had copd 4yrs now & at 1st it progressed scarily quick but after a hospital stay of 2wks quite poorly i scared myself in2 stoppin smokin & th copd has slowed down gettin worse dramaticaly .

    So no 2 ways about it 2 giv urself a half decent quality of life wiv wot time we hav its time 2 stop smokin babe.

    Good luck xxx

  • I have not had a cigarette for 2 days now, but I am using an e cigarette. Which now worries me. Thanks for your reply x

  • Excellent response Sjm2121 :)

  • thank you from me to sjm 2121 reading your post has been a comfort to me to , right when I needed it , such a great post , thank you to , best wishes to you


  • Your very welcome, that's what we are all here for, we all need a bit of support and some advice sometimes.Im just passing on the support and information that has been given to me since I joined the group but I'm very happy it has helped you.Take care of yourself.x.

  • wonderful advice sJ-----MmeT

  • Thank you

  • yw--you exoress yourself very well--you are a good asset here MmeT

  • Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated x

  • No problem at all.All the best x.

  • Hi Tracey. Welcome to the site. Obviously give up smoking asap. Start exercising and never stop exercising. I've had COPD for abt 12 yrs now and once I started working out everything got much better. I'm now over 70 and still going to gym 3x a week. This coupled with my meds has slowed the advance of COPD. Vitamin D will also help as will getting away from pollution if you can. Best of luck.

  • Stop smoking immediately !

  • Hi TPS63,

    Welcome to the site, at the risk of being a bit controversial can I suggest that there are actually three things you can do:

    1. (the obvious) stop smoking.

    Never easy and all to easy to "fall off the wagon" (in which case you simply get back on!). Like all important moments it needs planning and preparation before making the move.

    2. Exercise to make your lungs work harder

    As I understand it, getting slightly breathless is good for us, if lung capacity is reduced then whatever is left has to work harder so we need to develop it.

    3. Improve your education

    Ask your GP about a local Pulmonary Rehabilitation course that you can attend. (Plenty do attend them whilst still smoking) as this will help with understanding, exercise and stopping smoking.

    Good luck & best wishes

  • Hello Tracey, you are in the right place for help and support. Many of us on HU are ex smokers! Toci gives excellent advice, so that is your first step forward.

    Do let us know how you get on with giving up, for you don't really have any other choice if you want to care for your body as well as you are able. Ask for help and it will be given:-)

  • Hi Tracey and welcome. This is a fantastic group for support and friendship xxx

  • Welcome to the forum Tracey. You have some great replies and hope to chat more soon.

    Wishing you well. Xxxxxx

  • Hi Tracy you have come to the right place for help and support it is brilliant. Please please please give up the cigs don't ignore it for another min it will really help you I ignored it to long I have not smoked now for 17 yrs but wished I had given up when first diagnosed I did not think I could live without my cigs now I would not say thank you for one. I am on oxygen now 24/7 but even that's not the end of the world I still get out and about but I have had to make a lot of adjustments along the way, I would rather be oxygen free and you can slow the progression down if you STOP now sorry to keep repeating but is so important . Tracy I wish you all the luck in the world it won't be easy but you can do it. Let us know how you get on and if there is anything you need to ask please ask.

    Good luck

    Love Sue

  • Thank you

  • Hi Tracy welcome sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with copd.

    I gave up smoking with the help of champix and a local quit clinic so if you want help and support you have come to the right place

  • Hello and welcome Tracy

  • Please go to your GP and ask for help with stopping to smoke our practice nurse provides everything free of charge and both my other half and I gave up years back as I have COPD it has to be your first step. Next is to remain a healthy weight and exercise as much as you can. If you get the chance to join a Pulmonary group go you will learn a lot and find out the best exercises for your lungs to be built up. Plenty of help and advice on here you just have to ask.

  • Hello Tracy and a warm welcome.

    You'll get all the support you're looking for here. I hope you're feeling a bit less frightened now and are beginning to realise how much you can do to help yourself. You can not only have a good life but a better one!!

    Sue x

  • Hi TPS63, and welcome, there is a lot of knowledge on this site, so any questions you have, ask away someone here will have the answer, I used an electronic vapour cigarette to give up smoking after speaking to my doctor and he was very supportive of this way of giving up.

    I have now not smoked for 4 years, I hope this will helps, there is life with COPD so don't despair once I was diagnosed and put on medication I am virtually back to normal but just have to pace myself if I am doing anything manual like digging the garden borders.

    Stay in touch


  • Was it ok to use a e cigarette with copd x

  • Hi TPS63, my doctor did not have a problem with using an e cigarette, in fact he encouraged it as long as it stopped me smoking, I have not had a cigarette for 4 years now😀 speak to your doctor and see what he thinks if it makes you feel better about it.

    Txx let me know how you get on 👍👍

  • Thank you I am using mine. I go back to doctors next week so I will discuss it then. Anything is better than smoking tobacco!

    I will let you know how I get on x

  • Dear Tracey

    So much good advice from such dear people. Please give up smoking. It is the one thing absolutely guaranteed to improve your health. If not, its the one thing absolutely guaranteed to make it worse. Harsh, sorry but true.

    Why_not in an earlier post mentioned the benefit of exercise. I am on a bit of a crusade at the moment. If you check back through my posts, I have been writing about the benefits of Tai Chi - Chi Gong exercises. More especially the breathing exercises.

    Please try them for yourself. Not a quick fix cure, but if you persist and build up they will improve your current health. Of that I am absolutely certain. When you start seeing improvements, its like a switch in your head, you suddenly start to take more interest in exercise and healthy holistic living. Together they will make a difference.

    Best wishes.

  • Sorry Tracey,I wasn't deliberately trying to frighten you.Lungs are incredible, vital to our lives and to breath burning bad stuff into them is crazy!I'm 72 and have seen many 'smoking friends' badly affected healthwise.

    If you want to spend hours debating and chatting,that's your choice.

    It's your life to control,nobody else's.

    All the very best to you.

  • It's Hobson's choice I'm afraid, it's pack in the ciggies or else.........! An awful lot of us on here are ex-smokers and you'll find that we all succeeded in very different ways; I had a stab at them all, apart from the drugs - even hypnosis. failed miserably. I managed it "cold turkey" which lasted 2 years then off the wagon yet again. It's very hard when you've been a pack-a-day smoker for 60+ years, any excuse to start again, I got the asthma diagnosis and still couldn't kick it. then my son came up with the electronic cigarette and I quit overnight. That was 7 years ago and it was totally painless - there are so many alternatives now, I think there is no need to be depressed about quitting, just do it.

  • hi Tracy , I like you several months ago I was told to im in early stages of copd & it is frightening , I I come on to here when I have any worries so I hope it will help you to , I have managed the not smoking bit .few years back , but I wish you luck with yours ,I'm sure you will succeed , ,& yes we all need support sometimes , good luck ,,,

  • I haven't had a puff of any cigarette, roll up what so ever since Thursday evening. I am however using my e cigarette.

    Thanks for your reply x

  • Thank you for all your replies, comments, information etc.

    I have not had a cigarette for over 48 hours now and going to continue.

    Many thanks x

  • Well done Tracy that's brilliant stay positive we are here for you 👏👏💐

  • Thank you

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