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Asthma, Flu, Pleurisy!

Hi everyone, I've just joined here so hope this is okay!

I have Allergic/Brittle Asthma which is a constant pain my in life - I have Xolair jabs every other Friday which I started in Nov 16, daily oral steroids inhalers etc etc etc.

However beginning of Jan I picked up a nasty flu, had a blood clot on my lung was in respiratory isolation unit for a week all tate jazz, came home, rushed back in twice since with asthma attacks and also almost 4 weeks ago now told I have pleurisy as a result(I presume). I am still completely unable to work, deferred a year of university study now, hardly managing to get around the house still and the pain in my ribs and particularly chest seems to be getting worse rather than better!!!!! Apologies for the rant but I was wondering/hoping if anyone has/had any similar experiences and any advice?



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How awful for you Amy, must be difficult to cope. No experience of what you have but maybe someone will be along soon who can help. Just want to wish you well. Xxxxx


Hi Amy, welcome :) I can't help you I'm sorry but you might find some info or somebody that could help you on the Asthma UK site Hope you find some answers, good luck :) x

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Hi yep it's been a horrible time for flu's/pleurisy, I'm just starting to get over it after weeks of the bloody thing started with it end of December BUT today woke up and the rib pain slightly better and had energy enough to go out, Hang on in there :)


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