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COPD life expectancy


My has had COPD for over 20years and recently her specialist has put her forward for a lung transplant. I know this is a long road and very rocky. Yesterday we had to go and meet the specialist and fill in forms, on one was life expectancy, he put 12 to 36 months. Looking for other people who have had similar experience and how accurate it is, I don't know what answer I am looking for, and I hope it doesn't read as though I am annoyed at the specialist, far from it, thanks for reading

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Hi, there. I was given 3 years by a specialist respiratory nurse who ran the hospital clinic. That was in 2007. She no longer works there, which is a shame, as I would have loved to see her face as I just kept on going! The trouble is, the life expectancy charts are so old and out of date they are now meaningless and very, very, inaccurate. Keep away from pollutants, exercise and eat healthily, follow docs orders (one who knows what they are doing) and outlive the pessimists!

Magpuss in reply to Toci

Not related to life expectancy but to out of date info.

At my last spirometry test the nurse told me that while lung function is known to decline 'as we get older' no allowance is made for this on their charts, nor is there any allowance made for any difference between male and female lung function/capacity. She said they're all still based on information gathered in America from 'middle aged men working in the mining industry'.

Wonder how long it will be before that changes?

Toci tells it like it is Rebalum so hope that helps. Take care xxxx

Never been told that. I was DX with copd in 2006. That is something hard to predict as everyone is different

I think the average life expectancy is 129 providing you misbehave every day and have a few beers to be sociable.

rhiannon25 in reply to twopars12

Brilliant answer although I think you might be out by 29 as I'm planning to live until 150 and a bottle of good whisky a day lol

Sorry 21 years copd sufferer that's makes 150

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