Lung nodules

Had chest xray this morning as had recurrent lower chest infections with sharp pains under ribcage, lots folks at work been virus ridden for weeks. GP rang me this afternoon ( very quick ! ) to say abnormalities shown up I'm pretty sure she said nodules & I need a CT scan. Like most folks 1st thought ..Cancer (sadly smoked for many years) and my Dad had Lung Cancer. Trying not to panic but when they ring you the same day dread sets in. Could do with talking to others as don't want to panic my family

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  • Hi shouty a bit of a shock try not to panic its not going to do you any good just wait till you have had your scan in the mean time we are always hear

  • thank you !

  • It must be a shock shouty but you can only wait and have the scan. Thinking of you and try not to worry. Xxxx

  • Thank you for your kind words x

  • Hi shouty try not to worry. I've had a couple of nodules in one of my lungs for a few years and they haven't caused any problems. Saw my Consultant last week and they haven't changed in size. They have also been known to disappear on their own. I smoked for years but that doesn't mean the nodules are cancerous and even if they were they can be treated successfully.

    Take care.


  • Thank you John

  • Hi it could be lots of things causing the nodules and it is more unlikely it is cancer than something less serious. Even if it is, catching it early is the key to a cure. Good luck. Let us know what happens. x

  • thank you :)

  • Thanks to you all for responding so quickly it really has helped, so glad I found this site :)

  • Good luck with your scan. I am new here also. Everyone is so kind & helpful. It is very nice knowing that you are not alone.

  • Great isn't it :)

  • Hi. Ray not to panic. I had nodules but when I had another X-ray they had gone. I hope you get some good news too.

  • Ray should read 'try' !

  • I have never smoked but have several nodules. I have had a second ct scan but no frantic phone calls. I gather they keep an eye on them with regular ct scans at increasing intervals and if no change they are ok. If there are changes then they do something.

  • Thank you

  • I also have a nodule in my right lung & my doc says it will be viewed again in 3 mths to see if it has grown because he said people can have them for yrs but if they stay the same size, they just leaves them & keep an eye on them. Also have very sharp pain under my ribs cage and am being sent for ultrasound to see what's going on with them. Hoping all goes well for you. Huggs

  • Thank you

  • Bit overwhelmed (in a lovely way ) by all your messages of encouragement thank you all !!

  • Lots of people have lung nodules that do nothing so don't worry and see what the scan shows. I have lung nodules and there are all sorts of explanations not just cancer.

    Good luck and stay positive 🙂

  • Good to know Liz

  • I had a CT scan with showed an 18mm shadow on my right lung in 2011 i have an Xray each year

    it has never shown to have grown.

  • Sounds positive Thank you

  • Shouty I've had nodules on one lung for years. They are checked everything 6 months and haven't changed😊

  • good to hear :)

  • Have bought a Vape today to try, positive thinking and decision to try and quit smoking :)

  • Get your GP to go through using Champix...after 30 years of smoking they worked for me

  • Will ask about those Thanks piping

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