Last but best It could only happen Yorkshire

Saved what I think is the funniest till today. I have a disturbing feeling I won't be laughing at the end of the Wales England game. Fear England are too big and strong for our delicate Welshmen-but you never know. Anyway -----

A Yorkshireman with piles asks his local chemist, "Nah then lad, does tha sell arse cream?"


Chemist replies "Aye, of course -Magnum or Cornetto?"

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  • lol very good

  • Hahaha!😝

  • Hahahaha 😀😀😀

  • This reminds me of a conversation between my Dad and a man working at the stately home we were visiting. The man had a country accent which Dad was not familiar with. Hovering close by, I was aware that they were having a conversation at cross purposes. The man was talking about cows which he pronounced 'cars' and of course Dad was talking about cars. Finding that Dad was from Cheshire, the man commented that there are a lot of 'cars' in Cheshire. Dad agreed, attributing it to the M6 and going on to say that he had one himself. The man enquired as to what sort of 'car' Dad had. At this point I had to leap in before Dad disclosed that he had a Vauxhall cow!! Very embarrassing.

  • lot that's very funny

  • Love it Helen!

  • Hi Tryfan, what a match!!!!! I was so happy to see England go over the line. I believed we could win, but I was getting a bit worried. I was also pleased at the way my distant relative, Owen Farrell, played. Owen's great grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. I thought Wales were terrific and things could have gone either way so I hope you're not feeling too down.

  • Yes indeed a great game. I thought we may have hung on. But hey England played well and hung on.

  • Sent my condolences to my welsh son in law!

  • ...........snigger........................

    It's a good 'un

  • Nah! That was very funny but I liked the 18 carrot one better. I'll never be able to go in a jewelers again without having a titter to myself.

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