Unrinal's Of My Lung viewed from my microscope

Unrinal's Of My Lung viewed from my microscope

Well today feeling quite ill so doing post in name of research lol.

After all just tad reluctant in case my doctors think am neurotic or suffering from health anxiety.

Today am writing about Exploring the full spectrum of lung macrophage and the activation.

Following lung material coughed up as seen threw my pathology microscope.

Particularly Blue Lung Macrophage or as the clinically known as Regulatory Macrophages.

Looking at LEFT of picture you can see coughed up lung tissue emphysematous lung tissue with yellow inflammation, black patches and spots that is pollution and smoking.

You will see a blue spot on picture on left THAT is what i will call a Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages thats if there are such things colours.

So as your looking at picture LOOK to RIGHT and you can see close up of Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages

Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages are part of your innate immunity.

Care and repair SOUNDS great.

And as i have noticed my lung inflammation as not been as yellow or as bad as was when viewed under microscope.

Great news really bit of lung TLC.

But the Blue Lung Macrophage or Regulatory Macrophages have a dark side.

One of tumour formation infiltration, necrosis.

Granuloma, Boop or Diffuse Interstitial Pneumonitis and Sarcoidosis when the Lung Macrophage go wrong.

Are Macrophage really blue and do they exist like what we are looking at.


Macrophages display remarkable plasticity and can change their physiology in response to environmental cues.

These changes can give rise to different populations of cells with distinct functions. In this Review we suggest a new grouping of macrophage populations based on three different homeostatic activities—host defence, wound healing and immune regulation.

We propose that similarly to the three primary colours, these three basic macrophage populations can blend into various other ‘shades’ of activation.


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  • Not sure I can really understand your post, but I don't think you're neurotic. I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're feeling 'quite ill'. Take care of yourself and I really hope you feel better soon. Sue xxx

  • Hi Watfordgirl is very interesting really THINK have read too much glum stuff in my quest AND suffering effects lol.

    Looking at macrophage I hope mines not been hijacked with that line runing threw it.

  • You own a pathology microscope? Or did you send that to a lab?

  • Hi justdoit2015

    Yer is my own compound microscope .. I upgraded one lenses to see cells OTHERs I kept for perspective and locating stuff viewing.

    Lot of private labs will not test human fluid that's why I got my own so could see and document.

  • Our bodies are truly amazing , wonderful , we seem to be perfectly designed. Sometimes we can get sick but luckily for us other humans are busy learning how to fix us 😁

    Isn't it incredible what you can see with a microscope ! It doesn't matter what other people think if you have a keen interest in your health it just matters what you think about it and that you enjoy your interests .

    How's your Dad, hope he's doing alright 😀 huff xxx

  • Hi Hufferpuffer Glad you found post interesting TRULY is amazing.

    Just wish cells could talk tell me lol

    Dads doing great really :)

  • I am interested in your post JAS especially as Pete has Sarcoidosis. I haven't read it all but will do so later.

    I hope you feel better soon and good luck with the investigations.

    Take care and hope your dad's doing better now. Xxxxxx

  • Hi Sassy sorry to read petes got Sarcoidosis dose Pete take immunity suppressers or do thay know cause.

    As to dad is doing better than me I think ... Tried asking him whats he's secret but sadly he can't remember :)

  • Pete has steroids and nebulised drugs plus many other tablets but he does pretty well considering. Thanks for your concern JAS and pleased your dad is doing better now.

    Take care both of you. Xxx 😀

  • Very pleased your dad is doing well now he's back home, Daz. Goes to show that not worrying is good for you 😄 xxx

  • Hi Tee Cheers thanks n defo going to have to try not too

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