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Hi All

Second week of P R coming up. Feeling better already and certainly more confident about my breathing when pushing myself that little bit further 🤗 A long way to get my fitness back to running 🐌🐢 but managed 2 minutes of slow pace on the treadmill so that has given me the encouragement to go on. Increased the dumbbell weight to 2 kg each on the raisers and curls. Certainly felt it the next day lol.

Anyone else doing PR at this time?

Keep well everyone


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  • Hi I start mine again next week.😊 love Bernadette xxx

  • Good Luck I'm sure you will enjoy it and benefit from it xx HH

  • Hi HH

    Is there any one event or anything you can put your finger on which caused you deterioration! I know before you were an achieved runner so what happened?

    I only ask because my fitness regime has all gone to pot due to 'bronchil' issues which have been going on for over 4 months. I want to get myself back to fitness but am still recovering if you know what I mean.

    Wishing you well


  • Hi Sokrackers

    I had a patch on bottom of right lung which arrived in early October 2016 and despite antibiotics x 4 and steroids x 4 remained until 3 weeks ago. Hence all my fitness disappeared so back at the start 😯 but PR gives me the courage to push myself and not let my breathing level get to the point of hyperventilation and also my oxygen level not plumet through lack of oxygen.

    It's very tough but it will be worth it. The fitter you are the less oxygen your muscles need!

    So keep going it's not a race and believe me it takes me about 4 times longer to get running that those with lungs xx HH

  • Ps I have not had a cold or cough it just arrived in my lung. Just couldn't breathe even a 100yds or getting dressed!!

  • Oh that's so not fair!

    I am 'thinking' about returning to fitness which I understand to be the best medicine. But am starting by walking (letting my daughter take the car to work) so I have to walk everywhere. Although most days I don't go out I do spend time in the fresh air. WE will get there I think swimming is my best option but brrrr.

    Keep on going


  • Spoke too soon! Airways gone and oxygen levels down. Can't go to PR today struggling with 100 yds walking again.

    Docs this evening gonna throw my toys out the pram. This is 5 months now this has happened. Feeling very angry and tearful.


  • Oh bless you. Same for me 5 months! Too blooming long. Have you done the 6 min walking test? I can't remember why they do it, as in what they are testing for, but I think it is about time I voiced my concern. I had my peek flow and spirometer at gps. Silly woman refused to give me my results as I have them all from over the years, and I will get these off a less obstopolous lady at the practice. I know my results will be bad but what can you do.

    When I want to cry I do it in front of the mirror. It usually turns my frown upside down. LOL

    Big hugs and hope


  • Well HH

    I just got back from the gym and I feel on top of the world! Didn't do too much, just enough to get the lungs going and to shift some gunk. I just have to keep it up.

    How you doing?

  • Good to see you HH..😁 You are indeed an inspiration to us all. I look forward to your updates and wish you much luck. Ruby🌹

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