What evening I had

Ended up in A+E after collapsing in hall TALK about going with a thump both knee's and face planted myself after passing out.

Ambulance was on time 5.00 pm and defo made a change as thought was dieing .. anyway did ecg and all lines on grath was showing depressed T waves SO was decided to go to hospital.

Arrived by ambulance to be left standing in A+E as the was no where to sit down for hour half THEN just as sat down nurse called me in to do ecg and took bloods.

Did bloods and asked me to go back and wait for doctor 9.45pm still no doctor with results so left telling receponiest THEY will have to sort out patent stuff as chair as crippled me and I need to go home.

So went home ... all vending machines was not working no food or water but parking machine was working.

Needless to say I don't know what depresed T waves mean apart from that why I passed out.

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  • Oh dear what a nightmare, hope you are feeling better now, or are you just taking it easy.

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Hi Loraine cheers yer am having to take it slow are worn out.

    Am not happy about losing my two front teeth as people type cast ya .. good job I don't go out much anyway lol

  • Oh dear what a nightmare sorry i dont know about T waves but hope you dont just leave this contact your GP and find out what it is and why you fainted hope you are feeling better x

  • Hi MelAidJack funny you should mention docs as I had spat with them Friday morning about letter they refused to write and raised complaint with practice manager about gp's thinking just because you attend gp surgery they think your ok in there eyes.

  • Well, you should know to only drink a small glass!! What can I say, other than how are your rattles? Hope you find out soon and manage to get whatever it was under control. You be careful and remember to make use of any help you can.

  • Hi Wheezyanne Cheers think am going to have to take things easy am feeling worn out.

  • Poor you..i know the feeling i have the same problem i have had another heart monitor put on yesterday..but at least they had sandwiches and water in vending machines. Hope they sort things out for you.. keep strong..

    All the besr Dash

  • Hi Dash I have food absorption issues with being healthy cf carrier anyway if you have folate defiancy and that could effect potasiam fluid balance in body and causes Hypokalemia.

    Might be worth asking docs about your folate and potasiam

  • Thanks will do that..

  • Sorry this happened hope you get it sorted out.

  • Hi Cheers and thanks

  • You take things steady JAS as you have lots of stress in your life as well as your health problems. I was gobsmacked that you were left standing in A&E having gone to the hospital by ambulance! How wrong!

    I hope things are a bit better for you today. Take care xxxxxx

  • Nothing surprises my lately ... It's about right really.

    But yer am going to have to take it easy big nock to your confidence when pass out n do worry it's going to happen again.

    It's just good job I had my woolly hat on keeping my brain warm or would of cracked my walnut

  • oh Jeff I just can't believe that these horrible things are going on and on for you. You really need a break. I had a look at T waves and it seems that there are several ways that they can be abnormal and that each way can have different causes. But I guess you have already found that out for yourself.

    I won't go into details as to what I think about the fact that someone who had collapsed was left standing in A&E. Disgusting!

    What is certain is that you need to look after yourself and this means less stress and more rest.

    Is your Dad getting help and support at home now? Is a carer coming in to help? Do social services know that you, your Dad's carer, have a serious and debilitating lung condition? I do hope so.

    I really think that you need to go to your GP about your collapse and get him to get hold of the report from A&E and act on it. Stress and lung disease are not the heart's best friend and if anything is going wrong you need to catch it early. I do think about you so much and wish I could help you more.

  • Hi Stillstanding that's for reply concern :)

    Yer I told them in AE when I left am to ill for all this stood up sat around told em anything they find with have to sort as out patient as the not f&££ me about.

    But yer am going to see doc Monday as feel worn out .. Went home and did my own traponin test and was all clear so my hearts not been damaged so could be lung hypertension stuff or Hypokalemia

    I think might be Hypokalemia as with being cf healthy carrier I have food absorption issue my DNA test said I had folate deficancy and that's same as folic acid stuffs BUT that can cause potasiam issues and passing out t wave issues.

    Am hoping it's just minor speed wobble

  • I can't add anything to Stillstanding's excellent reply - I have too googled T waves but couldn't make much sense of it . All I can say is please take care of yourself- I know you are going through a difficult & stressful time with your father but you need to think about yourself as well. x

  • Hi Hellen my dad was just eating crisp and unaware I had feel :o

    But as I went in ambulance my dad did say C ya ... But yer got to try look after myself

  • The others have given such good advice and support. I will add my best wishes love Pergola x

  • Hi pergola cheers and thanks :)

  • What an experience for you. Do look after yourself and follow it up with your GP. It can't change what's happened but it could make what will happen in the future better. Take care, Sue x

  • Hi Watfordgirl cheers and thanks ... I never knew you could pass out by dropping to knees then face planting your self.

    Defo experience I would not recommend

  • indeed not, and i wouldn't recommend you trying it again! S x

  • Totally agree and my sweeties sport mix went everywhere.

    Must admit they was last thing on my mind tho

  • 🙂 x

  • T waves can be affected by stress and you have had your share of that recently. Please take advice and see your GP.

  • Hi Mrsmuumy cheers and thanks I never really knew STREES could do that but I did have argument with doctors that morning.

  • And you have had the stress with your dad's care recently. Take it steady for a while JAS, we don't want to lose you. xx

  • Hi toci cheers am not planing on going anywhere soon.

    Defo agree about cutting back on stress

  • I hope you are feeling a bit better today, Daz...I've no idea about T waves either, but you have been under a lot of stress recently. A & E sounds pretty shambolic too which is not helpful. Hopefully they will forward your results to your GP. xxx

  • Hi Tee even if AE don't I will be making sure my gp acts on it.

    Don't think all forget as face jaw is killing me.

  • Do I understand from your replies that you have damaged your teeth as well?

  • Yer my bunny rabbit teeth took blunt of it.

    Do have slight over bite and that took it when landed

  • Hope you're feeling OK now Jeff & they get things sorted soon

  • Hi Dedalus Cheers thanks :)

  • hope they get things sorted out for you quickly you had enough to cope with with out more problems

  • Hi Mmzetor defo agree a don't want any more issues but at least I don't have to worry bout my teeth anymore

  • Oh get your doctor to tell you and hope you feal better soon

  • Hi cheers yer doctors going to get roasting about nearly killing me via STREES anxiety

  • Oh my dear where was this .What a terrible experience for you xx

  • Hi cheers yer I fell at home then went to my local hospital .. think it's happing up down country now hospital ambulances dumping patients in AE waiting areas

  • Yes it's happening all over the country. Have you seen the documentary called Hospital. But leaving before you got the results wasn't a good thing to do.

  • If could survive 5 hours thought am not going to die and was not like they was bothered having me stood up for hour half.

    That's why I left was not well ENOUTH and seat was crippling my back n ass

  • Hope you get results soon and it is nothing serious. Take care

  • hope you are feeling much better now, it must have been awful for you.

  • I was out of it really was awfull for my mum and my teeth.

    I guess is just as hard on those that witness stuff too

  • Jeff, T Waves are one of the three waves they read when taking an ECG. It is one of the commonest abnormalities identified and can even occur in very health patients. They need to do more tests in order to give an accurate diagnosis.

  • Hi IanRM Cheers I was hoping that too BUT all my lines showing T wave depressions that's why ambulance guy said was abnormal BUT defo agree further test X-rays are needed

  • Very sorry to hear Jeff. Hope you're recovering.

  • Hi Ian-tod feeling better than i did yesterday.

    Just hope things stay improved

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