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NEW; How do you cope with the coughing that PF or IPF brings?

I am doing this on behalf of my husband who is unable to use a computer. He will be 79 very shortly. In hospital in November and came out on 24 hour oxygen which has recently been reduced to 15+ and dosage lowered. Consultant waiting results of tests to determine IPF or PF. Cannot walk too far without getting short of breath. Would like to try the swimming pool and would be interested to know if people manage this and how. Coughing is also a problem but varies from day to day. Worse at night.

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G'day Semibreve

There are many medications available to assist with the coughing, sadly it is trial and error...until you find one that helps.

In our case the Fisherman's friend was the one that gave up to 3 hours relief, albeit they are an acquired taste...pretty strong flavor.

Best to talk to your Dr before you try anything.

Best exercises are those that do not require physical endurance, such as walking, cycling.

We found that any exercise where the lungs are used to their capacity without the need of strenuous exertion is best, again consult with your Dr.

We can only inform you of what worked for us...We wish you good fortune on your journey.

My wife had IPF but received new lungs last year.

Thanks be to GOD and the donors family

Will (Australia)


Hi. many of our members go swimming and see it as good exercise. I even know of one who has COPD who uses a float for her oxygen so that she can swim whilst using it. Do check with his doctor though to ensure it would be okay for your husband.

onamission may be able to tell you more.


Hello S'

Any form of gentle exercise can only benificial but you must get the all clear from the Doctor.

You should have a word with the manager of your pool, explaining your situation, and any extra help or assistance you require.

I am sure they would help in any way possible.

As for coughing, check with your GP, l find fisherman's friends, strepcils lozengers and the throat sprays that slightly numb the back of your throat helpful.

Good luck

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The only thing we have found that helps the cough for Asbestosis which is fibrosing of the lungs is Tylex it's the codeine in it, nothing else seems to help it eases it but nothing stops the cough which goes on day and night. We used to swim a lot but stopped because my hubby got to cold his so thin and with his heart trouble but we now do a short walk and if the weather is damp we sit inside and sing our hearts out as loud as my hubby can manage we hope this is helping his lungs we make a horrible noise and do not have many visitors they must have thought it was the call of the banshee.


moocow66: Re the singing together (brilliant!) I don't suppose you live near London but I thought you would like to see this information about "Singing for Breathing" groups at The Royal Brompton Hospital and at Harefield Hospital.

Perhaps there are Singing for Breathing groups in other parts of the country.

Reply dad had ipf and to stop his coughing he had a huge jar of sour lemon sherbet sweets at the side of him...worked a treat!


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