wheezing with COPD

WOW its so right what they say about sometimes you should not google for info with this COPD has not always right

I googled wheezing with COPD because my wheezing sometimes is more like a rattle and on one site they called it the death rattle.

If i did not know anything about this COPD reading that would have frightend the life out of me.

Thank goodness for this BLF site and the helpfull information from the caring people on here

Best wishes everyone


6 Replies

  • Yep on Dr Google you can go from a wheeze to death in a few clicks! x

  • lots of untrue frightening stuff on google ,

  • Never google it can throw up all sorts of things to worry you xxx

  • Your doctor or respiratory nurse should be able to advise on the wheezes. I didn't know I was wheezing, until my daughter and a neighbour told me. It made me sad that I did not hear myself. I don't wheeze now. I'm on Fostair.

    The only death rattle I know about is one of those things people take to football matches.

    All the best to you, this is the place to be:-)

  • google and medical books to someone with no medical training is like mixing electric and water

  • You are wise music and best wishes to you too. Xxxxx

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