Streptococcus pneumoniae bug in bronchiectasis

Dear all

Had lots of great replies when I posted afew days ago asking about signs of infection. Well, have since got sputum test result back. Usually my main bacteria has been haemophilius influenza, once staphylococcus. Anyway it streptococcus pneumoniae which haven't had before. I have got a croaky voice virus as well. I told GP phlegm had strong taste ( which he said was an infection sign), showed him a photo of it , which he said looked infected and he knows I feel u well. His advice was I could wait 2-3 days to see how I felt, how phlegm is before starting antibiotics.

I asked him for a copy of result ( do that so can keep them for possible reference) and I noticed that where with both the haemophilius influenazae and staphylococcus bacteria, the action at the top of form said " pick up script " i.e. take the top of this result for streptococcus pneumoniae, it said " no further action"

If I noticed this when with GP , I would've asked him but didn't notice till looked at it at home.

Wondered if all you knowledgeable people know if streptococcus is considered a lesser bug than the other 2 mentioned? X

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  • Thanks for reply hanne62. Can Inaak if you've ever had it and it's gone without taking antibiotics? X

  • Thanks for that ...very helpful. Yes , was taking amoxicillin and getting HI infections every 7 weeks for ages and ages till a new consultant put me in levofloxacine which he said is best for HI. So have bad memories of amoxicillin. I know there's no way this will go it's own in 2 days but was waiting and seeing x

  • Thank you lots for that! X

  • Ps am never sure when it's considered pneumonia..or is the fact that it's in the lower and middle lobes in our lungs and bronchiectasis , is that enough to call it pneumonia , chest infection suggesting" higher up "respiratory airways? X

  • no winter. It is an exacerbation of bronchiectasis.

  • exactly. I have only had pneumonia once since I was diagnosed with bronch in 1953. That was community aquired pneumonia and an empyema in Jan 2015. Because of the pneumonias which I had as a you g child I have the type of bronch which has destroyed the alveoli, leaving them like ballons which have been blown up too much and then deflated. Luckily most bronch is confined to the airways now.

  • And yet, despite this, you still seem upbeat and inspiration! How do you do it? Xx

  • probably because I have never known any different. I had a tough Mum who refused to bring me up as an invalid. Of course, I do get fed up, down, frustrated and at times, scared but finding the folks on here has really helped me.

  • Well knowing all your expertise and knowledge is helping folks like me will hopefully help you to continue to feel upbeat as well! Thing is I've never actually met anyone who has bronchiectasis, I imagine it's not that common. Certainly judging by my last GPS attitude and she's been a GP here for years! Although I know what it is, when I asked her , " what is bronchiectasis?".. her reply was "oh, it's just abit of inflammation, bit like COPD!" So maybe she's no come across it?! X

  • oh dear, she had no idea did she. Unfortunately that has been my life's experience. I act as a patient for doctors exams. I have had those going to be consultants who have not ecognised it. This year it was first years. All started very cocky going through the COPD signs, then started to look confused and then upset! Only one girl got it. She stopped and said ' i KNOW what this is' and reeled it off belt and braces. The examiner and I were so pleased we applauded. I only met kids with asthma when I was young and they got all the sympathy. When I was 32 I started to attend the clinic in Bham. There I met the other lone rangers. It's been a long journey but I'm still standing!

  • How interesting!! I wish you could publish something that all GPS and respiratory consultants has to read! Keep up good work! Xx

  • Strep is just a different bug to the others and one that many well people carry in their throats and noses. If it is in your phlem you really really need to start the antibiotics. You have bronchiectasis for goodness sake. any bacteria left untreated is going to exacerbate the cycle of damage to the tissue which leads to more infection and more damage. I despair of some GPs. It appears that he and the hospitla are treating you as if you don't have bronch.

  • Thank you. That's it...will start now! Am so so so so glad I've started posting on here...why didn't I realise about site when I was first diagnosed??!! The journey I've had with the 1st consultant just saying taking amoxicillin every 7 weeks who infections was getting,never changing it, GP telling me off for handing in sputum tests without seeing her, bronchiectasis is just inflammation and instead I should be concentrating on ME which was causing tiredness!!

    As have said before , had 20 months of this until....hallelujah....I went to R Brompton last June and was changed to levofloxacine and told that I have it in the the right middle and lower lobes and left midddle lobe.,,,previous consultant ..from same CT scan said it was in right lower only. Have been since to RB , which is a life saver,but it's a very long way from me and still feel there's never time to get all my questions in. Plus still need to mnaiit on my own here.Have changed GP, who's supportive with a pleasant manner but probably , as they all seem to be, not very well informed . It would be great to see someone locally with more knowledge but I live in North Devon, very rural and Barnstaple hospital is quite small, and haven't got the confidence in the registrar I saw there.

    So will return to RB, as and when. I saw Professor X, who I know is the! expert on it. He's not got best bedside manner but clearly knows his stuff. Just wished I had a lot longer with him and could see him like you do a GP! Wishful thinking!

    Have a good weekend! Xx

    Ps apologies for repeating some stuff have said before about my story!

  • Thanks for that Hanne62.... very useful to know. It's still 2 hours to Exeter so for now, although 5 hours, I'll go as and when to RB and bear Exeter in mind if need to. Yes, I agree Prof Wilson does really care about his patients so I accept his direct manner for that reason and his expertise. Thank you so!! much for taking the time to look this info up for me... very kind. Suppose it'd be nice to have more facilities nearby, if really need , but there's a big fight going on round here as North Devon hospital in Barnstaple, which is small anyway, is going to have services cut including A and E, so not much hope for respiratory! So may be Exeter as back up anyway. Again than you xx

  • Hi. New here, and hope it's ok to hijack your post in case any Aussies reading it. Does anyone know an equivalent Prof in NSW or ACT Australia?? My 20 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with bronch ( without the CT scan because of risk) . Hoping to get a different perspective. Thanks

  • Strep p makes you feel dreadful. I always used to get the foul taste in the morning and although my sputum was my noraml light green, I knew that by evening my gunk would become copious and filthy and my temp would get to 40. As I live on my own and could no longer do physio or much else as it makes you feel so ill, I would end up in 5*. It is not one of the bugs which worries me unduly though as it is easier to treat than many other bugs.

    It presents differently now for me for some reason (the strange ways of bronch) and I get a sample in and start my abs straight away. I think it would be very unusual for a bronch with strep p to get better without taking abs. Please winter be firm and your own advocate - you have made a great start by asking lots of crucial questions, especially as the answers in primary and sometimes secondary care are patchy to say the least.

    Just a note for you when you post - folks are often more likely to reply if your post is locked, which you can do when first typing your post. Otherwise your post can end up anywhere within HU or indeed on the web.

    You can go back into edit and lock this one if you wish to. ;-)

    love cx

  • Ps re locking I think you mean when you do your 1st posting, you click on followers to see, not everyone? Dim me! X

  • Thanks again tucked up reading my kindle! Am being dim, but don't know how to lock as you suggest?! X

  • When you first create your thread, at the bottom of the page it will say 'who can see my post.' It will automatically be on 'everyone' but you can change this by clicking on the option 'my community only.' If you want to do it with this thread you can click the arrow button next to the 'Like' box and pick the option 'edit' which will take you back to your original posting and you can click 'my community only.'

    Enjoy your kindle.


  • Thanks cofdrop. I understand for first posting. When I trie to do it with this reply...i.e. Less arrow next to just came up report. Never mind , will so I. Future for 1st posts x

  • When you click the 'v' button there should also be an option to 'Edit'. You can then re-enter your post and scroll to the bottom to select who can see the post.

  • Thanks... still says report not edit!

  • Replies say report. Your original post has edit delete and report.

  • Yes have looked and can see on my original post has what you say.. just doesn't come up on the reply but then it will already be locked if put it in at start.... so I get it now!!

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