Care needs assessment

Here at the helpline, we have been speaking to a number of callers over the last few days who have been having problems with various aspects of their care needs.

Many of our callers are struggling with their personal care due to breathlessness and exhaustion and are finding it difficult to manage the simplest of tasks at home such as getting washed or dressed.

Some of our callers are also having trouble getting upstairs or using their shower or bath.

If you are struggling with any aspects of your care, please get in touch with us at the helpline on 03000 030 555 for further advice.

Thank you.

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  • Very thoughtful Marie, thanks :)

  • I struggle with the shower and dressing spend most of the time sitting on the loo getting my breath in-between getting dressed I now have a towel robe I use instead of a towel.

  • Hi onamission, thank you for your reply.

    Do you find that the steam from the shower makes you breathless or is it something else?

    You can always ring me on the helpline on 03000 030 555 if you need any advice.

    Many thanks,


  • Hi I have been keeping well recently but I still get breathless bathing. I think it is psychological because it happened previously it is sure to happen again. I too find a robe beneficial


  • Hi jimm1c,

    thank you for your reply.

    If you need any advice on a bathing assessment you can call us on the helpline.

    Kindest wishes,


  • I find its the steam mostly even though our shower cubicle is fitted with a extractor fan

    Thank you for your reply and I will copy the post so I always have it to hand

  • I have a bath seat in my bath and I use it when having a shower I also have a towel robe. Being out of breathe when doing things is normal. I also have a stool to sit on when doing washing up and ironing

  • Thanks for your reply Nottobad.

    Did you have an assessment from social services for the equipment in your home or did you purchase them privately?

    Kindest wishes,


  • Hi Marie I bought the things myselfe. I also have a 3 wheeled walking aid witch I got from the physio at the PR classes I attended

  • Do you think you would benefit from an assessment to see if you could have any more equipment put in place Nottobad?

  • I think I have every thing I need at the moment. If not I just have to phone my community resp team

  • Hi nottobad the towel rob is a great help I also have lower back problems so bending is out for me I take a robe when I go swimming fantastic things

  • Hi onamission. Yes they are a great help. I also sit on my bed to get dressed. I also have bad arthritis in most if my joints. So the things I have to help me helps with both my copd and arthritis

  • Thank you for your suggestion and the helpline number, many of us who struggle at home are not entitled to care help at home only if we arrange it ourselves. I am a regiatered disabled person with the local council but even when discharged from hospital following an operation no assistance at home was given even though it was less than 24 hours after an anaesthetic, I even had to walk to my GPs to get antibiotics for water infection due to poor care at the hospital. However I do have bath aids, plus other items to reduce the effort required including a self purchased stair lift, adapted pans,knives infact many items to assist independent living which is fine in theory but not in practice . I.E how do you change a light bulb to see what you are doing ? :) Personal care does not cover the basics of independent living I can't even open a medicine bottle without some gadget, so realise how others feel.


  • Hi katieoxo60,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with the hospital, unfortunately I have heard stories like yours before.

    Local authorities have a duty of care to assess people for any help they may need at home, such as help with personal care needs or adaptations and a financial assessment should take place to determine how much the care should cost.

    Some councils have a "handy person" service which for a small fee, can carry out small jobs such as fixing things in the home, to gardening and fitting smoke alarms.

    Age UK have a handy person service and have good information about the services they provide - please see the link here:-

    I hope this information is useful but if you need any help, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    Kindest wishes,


  • Thank you Marie, I am aware of Age Uks services as I am a volunteer in my home town so am governed by local council and Age Uk but was not aware of a council service too. So now I have learn't something new to help others .

  • No problem,

    Glad I could help Katieoxo60.

    Kindest wishes,


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