Moment of Clarity

Moment of Clarity

Well am at my GPs for my prevener vaccine for my streptocococal deficiency.

O and my chronic lung disease review.

But my issues are nothing to what DADs going threw ... feeling quite numb can only muster a ugg if my doctors asks how am feeling it's going.

But a moment of clarity of dads alzheimer's dementia i was holding my dads ankle wile he was in bed AND he asked me what had gone on.

I told him HE had dislocated broke is hip following a fall.

With knowing comes empathy SO i told my dad he's going to ok and he's coming home HE said he was glad and would not like to fall again.

As he would not like to be disabled TRYING to hide my broken heart behind HARD face under guise of saying everything going to be ok telling him to be just him self.

Its like trying to tell a child everything going to be fine when in realty the dieing.

The empathy.

Even the doctors cant say whats going to happen when my dad comes home. BUT am glad as he will be free and round those that love and care.

And that must be worth more than a million words anything i coukd say.

Why DOSE doing right feel so wrong.

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  • God bless you both xx

  • You're doing an amazing job. Your dad is so lucky to have you. XXX

  • hugs to you both xx

  • Hi Jeff, love the flower it looks like forget-me-not reminds me of my late father. It is hard to deviate the truth but as a doctor told me don't take away the hope. All you and your dad want is for him to get home soon. I faced this when my husband was terminal so understand what you are saying and feel. Do what is best for your dad, beleive me you will feel better for having done so. Have a good day and remember doing right is not wrong even complaining when necessary but it does sometimes make you feel guilty I have to admit.

  • Morning JAS, another day has dawned for you and your dad. You are with him and actually making him feel good just by being there. Say what you need to say as those moments of clarity count for a lot.

    I wish the best for you both and am thinking of you both. Alzheimer's is very cruel. You take care xxxxxx

  • Thinking of you both. God bless xxx

  • Knowing he is loved and that all will be OK will make your dad feel safe, Daz...whatever is the greatest gift you can give him. Moments of clarity can be heartbreaking for you, but you are so right to give him that important reassurance and comfort. Do you have any idea when he may be allowed to come home?

    Big hugs to you and gentler ones for your dad. xxx

  • Jeff the important thing is that you`re keeping up a brave face for your Dad`s sake. That takes courage and love. God bless you both. Sheila xx

  • My thoughts are with you. Everyone else has said everything.

  • You're doing all the right things, even if they feel wrong. Don't forget to look after yourself though, get enough to eat and try to relax sometimes, even an hour of telly can help. Take care.

  • Heart-breaking. You can only do your best and what feels right x

  • I think you're doing all the right things Jeff. When the moments of clarity come, they are brief, so telling him something simple that will reassure him is the kindest thing to do. You're a wonderful son, your dad is blessed to have you. Hope your review goes well.

  • With great sincerity I wish you the best as I can relate to exactly what you're feeling because I had to go through the same thing with my Godfather, actually he was the only man to care for me in my life since I was a baby and I love him dearly being the only father that I know he had dementia and multiple myeloma( cancer of the blood plasma in which it weakens the bone and affect them badly. Being 88 years old he suffered so badly and I was his caregiver it was like someone had taken a knife and just stuck it through my heart, he slip away peacefully thank God there was no more suffering. One good thing about it all he lived a full productive life.... I'm really sorry about your dad if you are a religious person I know for a fact that God is in control, I'm reaching out to you and sending prayers your way. By all means stay strong and allow me to say again I'm wishing your father the best

  • All best wishes to you and your dad JAS.

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