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Hi all, i'm leona and new to posting on forums etc. Quite shy. Be good to talk to others in similar situation. Think I driving my poor partner insane. Can't seem to get myself back to normal(well as normal as can be) after having this viral past 8weeks. Had couple hospital admissions then sent home only to go downhill again within days. Think I've now got pleurisy so back to docs again. Finding it hard to distinguish where asthma stops n copd or ild(iip) starts. Its the lack of sleep(sob and pain) although exhausted i can't deal with now. Partner says we turning into vampires. He gets up with me. He worries too much. Anyone any good ideas I've run out of things to try

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  • Welcome to our will get to know some very kind and understanding people here who have all been through similar situations, and are therefore in a good position to help and offer some good advice.It helps in order to answer your questions if you can provide as much medical information as possible.Are you on steroids?Often those of us that are, suffer many sleepless nights.Anyway welcome....there knowledgeable people here who can help.

  • Welcome to the site Leona, sorry to hear you are going through a bad patch. Don't worry we all suffer sleepless nights especially when the chest is bad. The GP is the only one who can help with this, but camomile tea can help relax you for sleep as does being as warm as possible. Best wishes for a speedy recovery back to your usual self.

  • Welcome,welcome,welcome to this brilliant forum. Glad to meet you. You are supported by a wonderful partner you say and it is extremely worrying to see a loved one,not getting any better. Like previous advice from katieoxo60 & piping ,now you need to go back to your Doctor and perhaps take a sputum sample which could then determine which course of antibiotics would work for you. Of course,none of us can give you proper medical advice but the BLF do have specially trained medical staff who can talk to you over the phone. Definitely do take action today and keep us informed of your progress.

  • Good morning and welcome. I think you've had some great advice already, and I agree that you should pay your doctor a visit. Wishing you well. Pam XXX

  • Great replies so far Leona so just want to add my welcome to you and hope you feel better soon. I am carer for my husband so l know how your partner feels.

    Take care xxxxx

  • Hi and welcome. Always good advice to go back to GP, though I ended up going to A&E last time and insisting I got a chest clinic appointment as my GP was treating it as asthma and nothing else. Sounds like you have WONDERFUL PARTNER to help you. Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  • Hello Leona, welcome to the site and I hope you drop in often!😀 Sounds like you might need to have another visit to the doctor and hopefully get rid of whatever it is that's causing the trouble. Your partner is a sweetheart getting up with you, I think that's so supportive.

    Let's hope they can help you today, pleurisy is such a painful condition and you must feel worn out after 8 weeks fighting a virus. Keeping my fingers crossed you see a good doctor today, huff xxx

  • Nothing to add to the good advice above Leona - would just like to welcome you the group.

  • A warm welcome from me too. Am sorry you sound really poorly. I can't add anything further really. There is help and advice in abundance on this Site, so you are not alone. It's great that you have such a loving and caring partner too. It's all very draining, we completely understand how you feel. Take the advice, and let us know how you get on won't you:-)

  • Hi Leona - warm welcome. Firstly - you need to understand you will get over this. We all know the fear of that first experiences, but you will get through them.

    Agree with seeing GP again - but in the meantime:

    But you need to distinguish between what you 'think' & what has been diagnosed.

    What have you formally been diagnosed with? Asthma? COPD? ILD (don't know what that stands for Idiopathic/Interstitial)? What meds are you on? ABs Preds Inhalers?

  • Hi Leona and welcome to the forum. I can't add anything to the other poster's suggestions but, just wanted to say, you've come to the right place.

    Your partner sounds a treasure.

    You will learn a lot on here and also have somewhere to offload your worries and fears and that may help you both to worry less xx

  • A very warm welcome to you Leona. You're lucky to have such an attentive partner. He will be worried about you while you're unwell.

    Hope you go back to GP & get advice. You maybe have an infection that's not quite cleared up & you need more or different abs.

    Don't leave it, go today. Let us know how you get on & join us here whenever you feel well enough 💐

  • Hi Leona, can't add to what has been said except a very warm welcome from me too.

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