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Free of pneumonia for 2yrs

This could be rubbish lol. I have been having actimel drink every day and all red berries made into smoothies with natural yogurt 3 times a wk for last 2yrs. I have emphasema and usually get phenmonia and Plurisy at least 1/2 times year. Since starting above have had 2 chest infect and one near miss with with lung infection. And that's it. Could the above be building my immune system for me.. This Christmas my husband and nearly all members have had cold cough and pretty rough... Me , nope. Bit of cough then gone !!!!!! Is this rubbish? I certainly can't be getting better, can I lol. Xx 😊😊

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Welcome to the site, Gouldart. Sounds like a good plan to me. Do you take any supplements? I would guess what you're doing is building your immune system. Is your breathing improving? You didnt tell us much about yourself. What stage emphysema are you? Thanks for sharing your story with us. I will surely be trying some actimel ! Ruby🌹


Hi I don't really know what stage of emphasema, I always thought emphasema is emphasema lol. Been bad for 5yrs now and each year is slightly worse. Only 3yrs they started saying emphasema instead if COPD. Not able to walk far anymore am now using my bike if I want fresh air (mobility scooter ) lol. We're not really ofay with scooters in Chichester. Next to no dropped pavements so consequently spinal pain increases for couple days after, then settles a bit again. I am an artist and had a little one man band Gallery. Which I did well with until spinal pain made lessons impossible and had to drop doing 1 2 1 and group tuition. Ended up loosing Gallery but have started a new craft for this year's new years resolution. I am hand decorating Champagne Flutes and Wine Glasses lol. Actually it's good fun. Everyone had one for Xmas so going to get unindated with them now lol. Keep well peeps 😀😀😀


Dear Gouldart. To my medically untrained eye, believing in something is often as important and as powerful as any drugs we take. So please carry on believing. it sounds to me that you have hit on a formula that works for you. You could could also increase the effect by adding Blueberries, ginger and pure honey. Carry on and keep us updated.

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Thanks luv. I do have blueberries in the smoothies but never thought of ginger or honey . Will give it a go lol xx 😊


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