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Hi Everyone

Hope you all had a nice Christmas, I seem to be worrying over sometimes stupid things... say like i must get things done NOW silly things that can wait like cutting the grass or cleaning something and sometimes if silly unimportant things go wrong i get a little stressed out.

I thought this was just how i am and could be because i am on thyroxine tablets because of a over active thyroid i have had for years.

But reading some answers from a post that a member (vashti) put on here a few days ago, i can now see that this is Anxiety and must be because of my COPD and i must admit when i feel like this i sometimes go for a long walk or go and have a swim or listen to my music has it takes my mind of the things, also if i get stressed and a little breathless i do find the breathing excercise helps.

Thanks so much BLF and the people

on this site has so helpful

Happy new year


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Morning Music,

Know how you feel, get panicky over the smallest things but dither around so much I never seem to get things sorted out. At the moment it's the phone dread it ringing just in case its bad news, it never is but that does not stop my heart start pounding and getting breathless.

Breathing exercises help but I wish I didnt get the feelings in the first place.

Take care



hi stilltruckin

Thanks for that and good to hear from you again hope your well.

long time no hear lol wonderd where you got to

best wishes




Hi music. Preoccupied lately. Partner's been in hospital having chemo. Ok now.

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Hi music, happy new year to you. Pete can be like that too sometimes and needs reminding that things are not important and can wait. Never thought of it being anxiety but it probably is. Thank you for your post. Xxxxx


Hi Music, I think undoubtedly anxiety is directly connected to copd and to most other chronic conditions too, though fear of not being able to breathe probably tops most other anxieties. But I also think that increased anxiety is part of growing older. I have several friends who are around 70 or older and don't have any chronic conditions who say that they are far more anxious than they used to be.

Your strategies are great for diverting yourself - that's quite inspiring. I tend to wallow when i get anxious which isn't useful :D

Take care and happy new year :) :)


I've suffered with depression and anxiety for 35 years. It worsened after being diagnosed with an arthritic autoimmune disease, UCTD, 13 years ago. It's an absolutely horrible affliction and has ruined my life.

I know when I'm heading for a meltdown because I start sweating the small stuff, like the world is going to end if I don't clean the oven, stairs, bathroom ect... All the things I know I find very hard to do. I just can't relax yet, I'm getting very little done.

If it gets any worse Music, a visit to the Docter is the best action, to nip it in the bud. xx


Hi Music,

You're right that living with a chronic condition involves anxiety and feelings of 'being stressed out'. But I think you're managing it really well and have strategies which not only divert you mentally from feeling anxious but are also good for your physical control of your COPD. I've started writing a mental list of things to do in the day. If I manage the top two or three, that's good. The rest can go on tomorrows' list. You don't want to be cutting the grass in this weather anyway!

Recognising that the anxiety is there is half the battle. The other half is finding ways to deal with it, which you're doing.

HNY, Sue x


wow its not just me then

thanks for reply everyone

all the best



No - you're never alone with a problem here! xxx


@music. It must be an age thing. My husband ( of 57 years ) panics when we are down to our last million rolls of loo paper, last three jars of coffee, if the Dustmen are ten minutes behind their usual time, who will get the TV magazine six days before we need one? I must be getting younger because I don't worry about coffee, gin is just as good. Tissues or kitchen roll is good enough for my ancient rear end, and the Dustmen will arrive when they can,and the telly is mostly repeats and utter crap anyway.I am not making light of anyone's anxiety though. I had loads of it over the years and it is a very hard thing to cope with. Yours, Polly X


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