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Copd& chest infection.


Hello everyone,my wife has copd .this year has been absolutely terrible for her. In may she caught a chest infection while in Bulgaria. She spent 11 days in i/c where they said it was a miracle she pulled through. Since then she has had another infection, resulting in 11days in our hospital in scunthorpe, where she was described as critical. She now has had for the past 4 days stomach ache & passing water from her bowels. So as you can appreciate we will be glad when this year has gone. On a lighter note may i wish you all a peaceful new year.


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I hope she is improving now Stephen. Wishing you both a peaceful and healthy 2017. Sheila x

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Thank you sheila & the same to you &yours.

Wishing you and your dear wife all the best for 2017. Good wishes to you both. Xxxxxx

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Thank you sassy59 & the same to you.

Hi Masteryoda Welcome to our forum.

I'm sorry to hear that your wife is ill with COPD. I have been in the same position as yourself because my wife is also a sufferer and a couple of years ago ended up in intensive care with pneumonia and it was touch and go for a while as to whether she would make it.

Anyone with lung problems needs to seek medical help as soon as you think you have an infection before it gets a good hold. Hopefully your wife only has a stomach upset but if you think she needs it seek some help for her.

I wish you and your wife better health for 2017.


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Thanks pastmebest .all the best.

I'm sorry to hear that your wife has been having such a rough time Stephen, I hope she recovers soon and that 2017 will be a happy and healthier New Year for you both x


Happy new year to you both. I hope it will be a much better year for your eifexxx

I hope she is feeling a bit better now, here's hoping for a better year for you in 2017 x

I hope that your wife is feeling much better soon. Too many nasty bugs around at the moment!

Hope you have a much happier and healthier 2017. XXX

A much better 2017 to you both x

Hope 2017 is a lot better for you both.

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