Children very happy and the wife is as she spoilt them again give them every thing they asked for 11 for food but give them to much so now every one gone home and all cleand up and bins out next year i told her we go to a restrant for dinner as much cheaper and no mess but she did not ansewr me so i take that as a no to that only. Good thing was i did fall sleep for 1 hour as to tyerd to do any more .now off to bed hope you all had a good day and a happy one good night and god look over you

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  • glad you had a good day david , we went to friends for lunch I managed to get a few hours sleep while dawn and her friend were playing board games with the kids , by the time I woke up it was time to go home so planed that well ,

  • Just to let you know that the quails turned out lovely. Pan fried in butter with celery and then roasted for 1/2 hr as you said, in a lidded roasting pan. Very succulent. Thank you.


  • glad you enjoyed them , its years since I had quail my friend use to breed them , the eggs are nice but you need a lot of them

  • Hi BB

    What a Party Pooper you are !! 💤💤

    I thought you were a party animal....You would be thrown off the naughty step for that sort of behaviour !! 😂


  • lol I was ill .

  • Lucy you my grand children got me up as they said i was snorring loud

  • Hello David,

    l bet you had a lovely time, and your wife got so much enjoyment from seeing the family, full and happy.

    Our son who is a police officer was on duty yesterday, so we couldn't have a family meal.

    Mr V and I went out for our Christmas Dinner...It was excellent, and we had a lovely time....But today l am catering for them all all, including Mayham and Chaos our two years old twin Grandchildren.

    By the time they all leave our house, there will be at least an Hour of clearing up for me and Mr V to tackle,

    But l know which day we will have enjoyed the most,...There is no place like home and surrounded by your loved ones at Christmas Time 🎅🍾🌲


  • hope you enjoy your day with them

  • Not to bad ? But they want to come to day for a few hours

  • oh dear that's your peace gone then , ours are here today be glad when its home time

  • Hello David, glad you had a good time. How did the dogs and pups get on? did they help you with the wrapping and unwrapping of presents like my George?

  • All they done was eat sleep and look for cudles

  • don't blame them sound like a good plan david

  • Hello David - am glad you had such a good day. The children were happy, your wife was happy and I think that was more than enough to make you happy. It's what it's all about. 😊 Sue x

  • Hello david12,,,,well that is christmas for you,,,now all over and done with for another year,,,and yes it is totally exhausting,,,well take rest and enjoy watching your children with their new toys,,,,,ttfn from Karen.

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