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Hi folks.

I didn't think I would be back posting on here. I just wanted to know a bit more about COPD. My Son has recently been diagnosed with the early stages of it. Of course I'm a bit worried because my Husband had IPF. Is it certain that this will get worse or can it be controlled? He has been a smoker for years and I think he's got a problem with giving it up. He has cut down a lot though. Thank you.

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  • Hi Mavary - sorry to hear about your son. It will of course be far best if your son can quit smoking - everyone has a problem doing so as its so addictive (prize here for the bl**ding obvious :) ) but folks do manage to. How quickly copd progresses is very individual and the best way to go is to quit and, if he is able, to do as much exercise and eat as good a diet as possible. If he can do all of those, there's a good chance he will not progress, or only a little.

    He is lucky (if you can say that about copd) to be diagnosed at the mild stage. Many of us were diagnosed at moderate when there is more damage. If you want to know more then you can call the BLF helpline (03000 030 555 - office hours) and talk it through with their excellent nurses. Take care :)

  • Thanks O2trees. I'm only presuming it's in the early stages. We are all very worried about it. He's going to the hospital tomorrow so I might know more.

  • Has your son had a spirometry test Macary? Or perhaps that's at the hospital tomorrow. It's the only way to diagnose copd though sometimes GPs assume it when a smoker has breathing difficulties. A spirometry test will show what stage he is at. You could suggest to him that he asks for a copy of his results - he's entitled to have them, and he can ask questions about the results when he feels ready.

  • My Son has had a spirometry test and it was towards the higher end of low. That was his words. He will be having more tests tomorrow. I don't know if they will give him any results though. He is going to ring in the evening to let me know how he got on.

  • Excellent reply from O2 Mavary and I just want to wish your son to remain as well as he possibly can. Merry Christmas to you and your family. xxx

  • Thanks Sassy 59.

  • My Son has been to the hospital today and they have told him he has emphysema and some fibrosis so I presume this is as well as COPD. Can you get fibrosis with COPD or Emphysemia? They were going to see him in a year but because my Husband had IPF they want to see my Son in six months. I couldn't really talk to him too much as my mobile doesn't work very well where I am. Can I wish you a Merry Christmas too 02 Trees.

  • Hello Mavis - how lovely to hear from you - although not so great about your sons news.

    In answer to your questions will it get worse and can it be controlled? It will get worse if he cannot stop smoking. From everything I've read here the progression can be slowed if cease smoking and can be managed well with a few tweaks to lifestyle: a healthy diet, a healthy weight, avoid catching any bugs and above all exercise regularly.

    COPD is an umbrella term for emphysema and chronic bronchitis. I'm really hoping it has been caught early so he can do something about it. Good luck to him.

    Hope that you're keeping well now. All the best to you. Peege x

  • Hi Peege. How are you doing. It's lovely to hear from my old friends. I certainly didn'texpect to be back on here. Children are such a worry even when they have grown up. The trouble is they don't think Parents should worry. I'm going to see him Sunday so hope I can chat a little bit more to him. Ill maybe catch up on some more later. Thanks for replying.

  • Hi friends. I didn't get a chance to talk to my Son on Sunday. His Son was there and I'm sure he wouldn't want him to worry. I think we're both more concerned about the fibrosis they say he has. Is that part of the Emphysemia or should we be concerned it's more than that?

    Anyway! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas. It's not far away now.

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