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Well today my dads loaded up with antibiotics DOCTORs said my dads condition is threw not eating BUT I think the lying trying to cover up the lack of due diligence WHEN it comes

To recognising SEPSIS in DEMENTIA ALZHEIMER patient.

Hospital MUST think I am daft WHEN I talked about suspecting UTI SEPSIS in my DAD ... Well TODAY they starting treating it with drips and antibiotics.

Doctors said O as anyone said what's up with your dad WELL no the have not BUT this evening dad perked up and was eating AFTER being treated for sepsis I.e antibiotics and 2 drips

Lying doctors need to spot sepsis signs better in DEMENTIA ALZHEIMER patients especially AS they told me o it's not sepsis OTHER day.

DOCTORS called SEPSIS + SHOCK Acute kidney injury and pneumonia.

Needless to say I expressed my concerns AND requesting proactive monitoring treatment for my father and he's sepsis.

I just hope they have not acted to late given mini seizures as I will find it hard to forgive.


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I hope your dad improves as much as possible JAS. Sepsis is something doctors need to recognise a lot more. Thinking of you. Xxxxx


Hi sassy is hard to spot in DEMENTIA ALZHEIMER patients so new guidelines are needed esp if have peeing trouble.

My dad was so lucid was unbelievable when started treatment but did suffer thing like sleep apnoea epersodes.

He's not out of woods yet I just hope storm I created stopped em trying to kill him

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I'm pleased your dad has perked up and eating that is a very good sign hope he continues to make a good and full recovery


Hi Onimission Looks like he needed someone to show interest or even care.

I just pray is going to be ok now a treatment as been started.

Antibiotics through the drip work much faster and the fact he is eating is good. Will he come to you for Christmas if he is discharged from hospital

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I live with my dad and do want him home out of the place.

Social worker is going to give them roasting and get quality care he needs so can come home WHERE we have time to give him unconditional 24 7 care

You can also talk to Palls at the hospital

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Got to get him home in safe hands first

im glad ur dads getting better treatment u must be exhausted

take care and don't forget to look after urself tooxx

Wish I could rest but is not out woods yet AM just hoping its up hill now all way

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we are all rooting for you both

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Cheers thanks if not for all comments surport think i would of snapped if not vented my anger dismay

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It's good to know your dad is showing interest in food and has perked up a bit, Daz. I'm really hoping he continues to improve and can come back home as soon as possible. xxx

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Hi Tee1008 am preying am not being preemptive.

But thats aim to get him home asap

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So pleased that your dad is now getting the treatment he needs, and that his condition is improving.

Sending special thoughts to both of you. 😊😊😊

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Hi Pam1952 defo hoping he continues to inprove

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Hi Jeff. Really hope so too. Will be thinking of you.

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Glad that your dad is now receiving treatment Jeff.

So glad to hear there's been an improvement at long last. Your dad is lucky he's got you to look out for him.

I'm glad your Dad is getting the proper treatment now and things seem to be improving. I hope you are able to get some rest. This has to be so stressful.

Hello Jeff, sounds like someone is taking notice now. It is very difficult to discover whats wrong in dementia patients without a thorough check and listening to the carers. UTIs can cause dementia to become worse if untreated especially in older people, if left it can lead to sepsis and Kidney damage . Glad your dad is picking up and hopefully he will be home for Christmas. Proactive monitoring is what is needed, more care in the community and careful doctors who do check for causes of changes in a person noticed by carers or family. But unfortunately very little attention is given to UTIs till they have become a problem. That said I hope you feel a little calmer today as stress is not good for you either. Take care x


So glad your Dad is doing better now Jeff, hopefully will recover fully now he's being treated properly and you'll be able to have him back home with you xx

so glad your dad is doing better, now that it is on record the sepsis, I am sure they won't be making that mistake again, especially with you on board. You are a good son and your dad is lucky to have you. Bless you and now take some time for you, your dad is getting proper care so you need to as well. You have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed so you and dad can enjoy the festivities ahead together.

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