Steroid puffer to puff or not to puff!!

Hi everybody again. I would like to get some advice from you all as my Health Centre is not really very helpful. This is my 2nd winter after being diagnosed with COPD. I always suffer if I get a cold it never stays in my head and it always ends up in a bad chest infection which takes me weeks to get over. I have been doing all the advice this winter doing my exercises, eating the right food , taking supplements and washing my hands after visiting the supermarket etc... and keeping away from anybody who has a cold and I have been quite good this winter. This is only my 2nd cold so although I am pleased with myself I am quite depressed as I know what is going to happen next!! I have an emergency supply of antibiotics and my steroid tablets. My question is I am on two puffers and one of them is a steroid one which I take two puffs out of morning and evening. Just wondering when this all goes down on my chest do I take the tablets as well as my puffer. Seems a lot of steroids!! and is there any tips on stopping it going down?? I have never managed it before. Thanks for reading my post Di

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  • Pete throws everything at a chest infection Di so do use puffers too. Hope you feel better soon.

    I would add that Pete always gets a chest infection with a cold but it's not always bad. Xxxxxxx

  • I wouldn't stop taking your preventor inhaler. Without asking your GP. Because that's what they ar for to prevent you having an exacerbation. The amount of steroid in them is small. Most people get side effect from steroids over a long period and a high dose.

  • Keep taking the steroid inhaler Monawhite even when taking the steroid tablets. Make sure you know from your doctor how long to continue the tablets, and if you need to decrease the amount gradually when you are coming off them.

  • I keep taking the steroid inhaler when taking the tablets I also was told by my consultant to take 2 extra puffs morning and night while I have the infection and aweek or so after it clear up ,

  • me too mmzetor and although I do not usually need the four extra puffs one or two really makes a difference so a good thing to know the one I use is Fosterair think doctor's should tell us as a matter of course that this is ok as sure I only learned that it was permissible from other members here. xx

  • im on fostair too , they wanted me to have the extra puffs so I wouldn't have to take so many steroid tablets I was starting of at 8 per day for 7 days they reduced it starting at 6 for 5 days then dropping one every three days till I got to none

  • Hello. I take both the steroid puffer and the steroid tablets. I wouldn't go off any of them without consulting the doctor. Have a good day.

    Cas xx

  • Just goes to show docs and nurses do not explain things properly. Same applies to using inhalers in the correct way.

  • No you can use the inhaler as well as the tablets. One thing I have found in the winter is when going out keep a scarf around your neck and over your mouth and nose if possible. Takes a bit of getting use to but keeps everything warm and cosy particularly on these misty foggy days. Also first sign of a cold I use vicks vapour rub on both my chest and rub it down the front of my throat which helps me sleep.

  • That is fine taking Vicks, but not if you are on oxygen as not to use Vicks, petroleum jelly or lip balm etc. No candles, no naked lights, no gas cooking, no gas fires (you must have at least 10 ft away from these).

    So keep to the rules and hopefully the 02 will be ok 😘

  • Wow that was interesting as I am on oxygen a minimum of 16 hours a day and I have always used Vicks vapour rub when I have a cold/cough. Surely it is safe if I am not near any naked flames. I use the Vicks only at night when in bed. Would be interested on this

  • Sorry but this was explained to me by my Consultant and my Respiratory Team - Vick, lip balm and Vaseline are all made with 'Petrolium Jersey' - which is highly inflammatory - so that to me says it all so not great if using 02 !! so they are the experts so I listen to them and I am lucky I have a wonderful GP and Respiratory Team - hope all is well with all COPD people lol xxx

    I am on O2 24/7 xx 💐

  • It certainly makes sense and I will take your advice on board for the future. Pity I was not informed properly so thank you I appreciate you posting this.

  • Hello .. you can safely take both your steroid inhaler AND your steroid tablets together !! .. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee a cold won't go down onto the lungs but going on what you've posted it appears you are already doing all the right things necessary to remain as healthy as you possibly can under the circumstances .. hope you feel better soon xxxx

  • Thanks to everybody who has replied to my post it's so good to hear from you all such good advice I will keep puffing and taking the tablets!! Keep well everyone xx

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