Obviously Dysfunctional

Well seen Orthopeadics with a C not a K .. Regarding Thorax Pain Stenosis probable.

All went well after bobbing round like a penguin.

He / She conclusion was i need physiotherapy to help with posture breathing THE said am as stiff as a board.

And all scrunched up like someone suffering Spondylosis clearly i though bit tad of arthritis.

BUT he told me my physiotherapy is going to hurt but will improve breathing.

He's provisional DX was Thorax Pain & Thorax Hypermobility what ever that is.

Needless to say am not looking forward to them trying to straiten me out.



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  • Sounds like you need loosening up then JAS. It could well improve things for you though so give it a try. Good luck. Xxxx

  • Hi Sassy Cheers defo could do with losing up BUT gf been busy :)

    Omg did i just say that .. BUT yer am hoping will improve my breathing as that as been Dysfunctional latterly

  • You take care cheeky JAS. Made me smile and blush ever so slightly. 😉

  • Good luck with it Jeff, hope it does the trick :) x

  • Hi Cheers DO think am beyond rehabilitation really but guess it get me out house for hour or two

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