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Hi i have severe copd i have had it for as long as iv known 6 years its frustrating to say the least just the simple things in life its a no go 3 years ago i couldnt even walk upstairs half way without stopping let alone talking when i got to the top you wouldnt belive how much oxygen talking uses i then did some research because the inhalers i feel dont make all that difference so i started taking H202 well it most certainly improved my breathing after 2 weeks of taking it i could go upstairs and still talk when i got to the top and i wish i had never stopped as when you get to a certain point you wean yourself down and then just take it like twice a week but its vile i took mine in tea and prob 3 times a week i would be sick its just the thought of doing it all again so i am looking for an alternative anybody got any notions or potions that they have tried

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Dear Bjayr, I have COPD stage 4 (my FEV is 27). For many years after my diagnosis I refused to take any medicine (save for Ventolin) because I was afraid of their effects, feared they would make me an "addict" and did not think they would work... and I have always claimed I'm against greedy and deadly "Big Pharma" and especially the way they push vaccines on helpless babies. Well, anyway, it got to the point I could not turn around in bed at night, so I gave in and started taking what my lung doctor had been recommending: Relvar, a once-a-day inhaler, and, I must admit, my life has improved dramatically, I still feel discomfort in my chest and get exacerbations, but I can can walk, cook, stand and whatnot for hours on end and I'm almost a "normal" person again.


i have the norm ventolin and 2 others (preventatives as they like to call them) and i do take take them once in the morning and once at night but if i dint take them i cant tell the difference i do take my ventolin though and tend to panic if i dont have one to hand but i feel that my lungs vary from day to day i can get up in the morning and feel my breathing is not good thats before iv done anything but then another day i feel ok i always try to go for a walk but the weather always contributes to my condition and i can smell a lot more than my partner as i can smell the bushes or the damp in the trees and i find that i cant carry a bag in my hand it makes me breathless but i can put shopping bag on my shoulder and sometimes i can just be sitting down doing nothing then all of a sudden i cant breathe is that normal ??


Hi there, I don't know if it's normal, but it surely happens to me too, all the phenomena that you describe, a super sense of smell, the unexplainable fluctuations in breathing capacity. When I told my lung doctor about this lack of an apparent cause for feeling so much worse some days he had nothing to say. I have an asthma component, maybe that is a factor. They can tell if you have an asthma component by the way your spirometry values are affected by puffing on ventolin, if your values improve a lot, that's a sign of asthma. I've been using an inhaler with corticosteroids and it helps a lot to regularise my condition. Maybe you can inquire about this possibility?


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