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Kindey Pain

Hi, I have been experiencing extreme pain on my left side. The pain is in the Kidney. at first I thought it was the pain from an empty stomach. But it is not.

Can anyone suggest of what this pain is, as am suspecting that it is a kidney stone, its very painful, I can barely walk or breath. I have been to the doctors and they have suggested that I should take painkillers, of which clearly they will not work.

Now I do not know of what to do, also am a student in university, and I do not want to go the hospital either.

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I also have bad pains in my back I have cpod had a scan and doctor said my lungs are clear so I don't know why I am in pain at times


Hi I don't think we can help you here as this is a site for sufferers of lung problems. I can only suggest you go back to the doctors and insist you have more tests.

You will get better advice on a kidney forum x


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