Kindey Pain

Hi, I have been experiencing extreme pain on my left side. The pain is in the Kidney. at first I thought it was the pain from an empty stomach. But it is not.

Can anyone suggest of what this pain is, as am suspecting that it is a kidney stone, its very painful, I can barely walk or breath. I have been to the doctors and they have suggested that I should take painkillers, of which clearly they will not work.

Now I do not know of what to do, also am a student in university, and I do not want to go the hospital either.

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  • I also have bad pains in my back I have cpod had a scan and doctor said my lungs are clear so I don't know why I am in pain at times

  • Hi I don't think we can help you here as this is a site for sufferers of lung problems. I can only suggest you go back to the doctors and insist you have more tests.

    You will get better advice on a kidney forum x

  • I also have quite bad pains both kidneys, worse in the morning. It's scary because you tend to think it's something really bad. I was diagnosed with stage one chronic kidney disease two years ago. Just being told that is quite scary. Fortunately for me I have a brilliant GP, he took the trouble to phone me at home to explain that it's not as bad as it sounds, and could stay at that level all my life. Don't need any treatment, just regular checks to monitor the problem. If there is something I don't understand I always log on to NHS choices in the first instance then ask my doctor if I need more information.

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