COPD - Throat clearing

I have a question? I have not had my spirometry test yet (Middle of Jan earliest) but my doctor says my x-ray shows early signs of COPD. I had a chest infection which I was given AB for and then a week later given a 5 day course of prednisolone. It has made a difference as I can run longer and easier on the treadmill. However I still have a bit of a cough (non producing and dry and tight) and I have to keep clearing my throat as it makes my voice go funny (like there's phlegm there) mostly clear in colour. Should I be worried? should I go see my doctor? Or just wait for my test in January? Is this normal for COPD?


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  • Good morning Alison,

    I can only say what I would do. It sounds like the infection has virtually gone. If your phlegm is clear do not worry, but keep your eye on it and in any case I'd press for an earlier spirometry appointment. If you start to feel rotten again certainly get in touch with the surgery straight away, then anything there can be nipped in the bud.

    All the best to you:-)

  • Thanks :-) having read more posts on here, am going to ask my Dr about post nasal drip as it appears I have symptoms to match that. I have to wait 6 weeks for my spirometry test as only finished my steroids last sunday. :-(

    thanks for your reply :-)

  • You seem to be doing better which is good. As Jennifer says, keep an eye on things though.

    Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Hi Alison if you are worried.then please go and see your Doctor even if it is just to put your mind at ease. Xxx😊

  • am going to try some home remedies for post nasal drip first and see if they make any difference. if still the same will definitely go back to Dr,s.

  • Netti pot & saline nasal wash - Amazon - Neilmed is the well known.

    It maybe won't cure it, but

    a) It makes it much more manageable

    b) It isn't yet another drug (below) whose sides (dry scabby nasal passage & nose bleeds, for example) you may have to deal with too .

    The GP will prescribe Beconase/ Flixonase/Mometasone/Nasonex or the like - which is steroid.

  • Brilliant ss - Ive been wanting a recommended nettipot. Thanks

  • Hi O2 - actually I prefer the gravity pot type - which Neilmed used to supply. I think that they last so long Neilmed think they are missing out on replacement sales!

    The nearest looking one is the sinucleanse

    but I've never held one, so can't confirm it's exactly the same. The old Neilmed one was hard clear blue plastic and was dishwasher & microwave safe. You could ask.

    Best wishes.

    PS I still buy the Neilemed ready mixed salt/bicarb sachets, tho', but if anyone wants to know how to mix their own to keep cost down, ask on here.

  • Have just taken a look ss, and agree about the shape of the pot - the current Neilmed one looks like a tea pot! I would use one with Himalayan salt which some supply but i also have this at home.

    But anyway, whichever i get, your reply has spurred me into action :)

  • It's not guaranteed to be the cause, but Sinusitis/PND/hoarsness/ (and acid reflux) all a side effect of steroids. And COPD or not, after a chest infection it can take a few weeks to clear up completely.

    Hope you're better soon.

  • thanks. I have been taking omeprazole for years now. am not getting sickness or anything else. will probably wait until after my Spirometry test and discuss if still a problem.

  • I have Avamys for post nasal drip. It does work. My doctor prescribed it. I see it can be purchased online which surprised me.

  • Both ABs and steroids can exacerbate reflux as they make the stomach more acid. People with copd - if you turn out to have it - can be prone to silent reflux where you may not get the standard reflux symptoms such as heartburn but the refluxate breaches the upper oesophageal valve and leaks into the windpipe. This is what causes the PND, hoarseness etc - so we could say yes, these symptoms are normal, or not unusual, with copd.

    It may help, if you don't do this already, to make sure to eat small meals, leave at least 3 hours from your last meal before going to bed, and raise the head of your bed for sleeping. And work out what your reflux triggers are - usually things like coffee, alcohol, chocolate (a bad one), tomatoes, citrus, strong spices especially chilli. But these are all quite personal.

    X-rays will show hyperinflation in the lungs but not usually copd damage. Hyperinflation could indicate copd certainly, but it is caused by other things too. Only spirometry (or CT scan) can diagnose copd, not an X-ray.

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