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cop/d hiya i was diagnosed with this condition about a month ago,, i had been struggling to breath,, had a terrible cough and wheeze for about a year and my doctor did very little to help ,, after 120 steiroids and 3 weeks on antibiotics,, i was given spiriva , i also suffer from ostioarthritis in both kneecaps, i receive the daily living allowance of pip, i also work , but my condition in my knees and chest have got worse so i am no going back for a new assesment to try and get some mobility help x

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Hi good to meet you. Have you also been given a preventer like symbicort and a ventolin reliever inhaler? x


Morning Shelby and l second coughalots reply to you. Hope you do use a preventer and wish you well. Xxxx


Hello and welcome Shelby - good luck with the mobility assessment.


Hi Shelby welcome to the site ask your gp to refer you to a PR course they are fantastic they give you the tools to help you manage your condition.

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