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So angry, why is it were punished for working, briefly, my hubby was involved in a really bad accident and is going to be off work in definately. until I became ill I always worked and our children all work. my hubby only gets statutory sick pay so we applied for help, anything would do even help with council tax but no, we will get nothing and we're told our children must pay for everything! just seems so unfair. 35 years my hubby has worked and never claimed a penny!

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It is so very unfair and they wonder why some feel they are better off not working. I do feel for you and your family. Xxxx


Thanks, that's how we feel, what's the point! oh well xx



Unfortunately the majority of benefits are means tested, taking into account all household income.

Statutory sick will lead on to ESA another band of hoops to jump through.

If your husband is unlikely to return to work have a look at PIP which is non means tested.

You may to wait to comply with the three months before requirement.


I fully understand your frustration I worked permanent nights NHS most weeks I worked 72 hours 20 of these hours were in the local nursing home for the elderly. My husband worked full time and because he has a company car he is taxed at 40%.

when I was medically retired due to disc problems in my lower back and later diagnosed with COPD I tried to claim sick benefits I was told it was my husbands responsibility to keep me they never thought to tell me this when they took tax and NI contributions off me. Eventually I got sick benefit


Try going for PIP; not means tested; its worth a try; you have to know how to do the forms; and have evidence; all letters re your husbands condition; also they focus on what you can do, not on what you cant; i would think COPD affects him greatly eg; shortness of breath/lack of mobility due to this etc; its really unfair and diabolical how some people are treated; they don't care that your hubby may have worked all his life; its bad. Yes, what a cheek re the kids, but thats what they are like, expecting the kids to fork out; but go for it. xx


Yes it does make you think sometimes. I worked full time all my life and ended up owning my small flat. My eldest sister who has never worked and been on the sick for most of her life has a flat more than twice the size of mine with central heating and all the mod cons all paid for by the taxpayer. I have to struggle to pay for new windows and other essential repairs and I can't afford central heating. She also got her pension at 60 and I have to wait until 65. If I didn't have small private pensions I would be expected to sign on to look for work until the day before my 65th birthday! I have some small savings which the Govt. seems intent on taking away....

It isn't fair. x


Ooh! Don't get me started on this one. It makes my blood boil. XXX


Yep me too! That is my current soapbox - the barstewards... xx


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