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Hospital visit

The visit to Southmead was good in a funny sort of way. I saw the consultant who was very kind, friendly, and knowledgeable, and he finally gave a comprehensive diagnosis. Yes I do have bronchiectasis but I also have obliteritive bronchiolitis. He has put me back on a steroid inhaler, QVAR, which has improved my breathing already, and is going to book me in for a bronchoscopy as he is a bit concerned about a mass in my lung which he thinks is harbouring an infection and he wants to sort it out. He is going to send me all my results including ct scan for both heart and lungs. He didn't seem too happy with cardiac scan and is going to discuss it with the cardiologist; this morning I had a letter from the cardiologist saying he thought everything was stable but he is going to consult with colleagues at the Bristol Royal Infirmary who is an expert in my congenital heart disease and where they have a clinic for adults, so I will probably end up there as well! I certainly can't say that they are not looking after me. Meanwhile keep taking the tablets! We went to Abergavenny this morning for my husband's MRI scan. A very pretty journey with all the lovely autumn colours so it made a change from Bristol's traffic. Now we are having a peaceful afternoon and I shall probably finish dinosaur jumper. Keep well everyone xx

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You are being well cared for Carnival which is good. Wishing you and your husband well. Love and hugs. Xxxxx

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Thank you


Glad to hear that you're being so well looked after :) x


My zebra ears pricked up when I read your post because of the Obliterative Bronchiolitis. You have so many other things going on as well it is seriously complex. I believe I have OB but the two consultants I have seen won't confirm it without an open lung biopsy, and they don't want to do it, and --- more to the point --- I don't want it done! But in the absence of any other dx it fits everything: history, symptoms and tests. Do you know what led him to that conclusion in your case? It is a rare condition, bronchoscopy could dx it but they would have to hit the right area in your lungs, maybe they will head for the "mass"?

Please let us know the next episode in your saga. I am fascinated.

All the best



Hello Katinka, the consultant I saw is well known in the lung disease world and I felt I could trust him. He showed me my ct scan results and explained all the blobs. I felt pleased that someone could put a name to what is going on, but he was unable to explain why. One thing I found interesting was that he said ' you are not imagining it' . I don't know about you, but it is always difficult to explain to people when they ask what's wrong! Even doctors mostly don't understand my heart condition but this chap has studied it so that helps too. I feel, in a strange sort of way, more relaxed about everything. I feel lucky that I have a loving family and my brain. Art history Mondays and poetry each month. Will keep you informed and hope you get things sorted out too. I have had so many things done to me that the bronchoscopy is just one more d... thing.


Good morning Carnival,

I am happy for you now that your breathing is much easier, and for the way you are being cared for.

As for the dinosaur jumper - just tell me - did a whole herd of sheep have to be sheared for that amount of wool, and have you knitted the face of a human into the front of it?



Very small dinosaur for a very small boy, but it has wonderful teeth! Nearly finished now - I shall have to find another task. I have a whole heap of cross stitch projects, including a half finished tiger, fortunately no visible teeth! Thank you for your good wishes. xx


My pleasure,

I think I had already guessed that Carnival! I am sure he will absolutely adore it. Counted cross stitch work is beyond me sadly, but my daughter does some intricate beauties. I do enjoy every other form of stitchwork is just the word count where I have a block!



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