Fox terrier

Seeing the posts with dogs,brings back Friday night and we are working down the river now foxies are hunters and woody has a thing about possums brings back ones larger than himself,so he's barking at a willow tree like something possessed ,sure enough possum in the tops , now it's beer o'clock,and no way is woody going to give up,only one thing to do,out with the chainsaw ,drop the tree ,let him have his fun,and we can get on with doing the business of having a cold one

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  • Oh dear. Poor possum...

  • Oh dear. Poor tree as well!!!

  • Poor tree and poor possum........I hope he survived without injury.

  • He probably got eaten. some Aussies are less sensitive than the Brits.

  • Yes, poor possum, poor tree.

  • Possums are classed as pests eat our native birds eggs and generally cause untold damage to our fourna, willows grow like weeds,only the root system is good for holding our riverbanks together

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