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Interesting few days

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On Sunday I began to feel unwell and my GP was very low so I called 111 and spoke at length to a senior paramedic who sent me off to A & E where they were extraordinarily busy and after very quick triage was put in obs ward. I had extreme breathlessness chest tightness lightheadedness. Had bloods taken etc and finally saw a dr at 10 pm after 6 hour wait! He wasn't happy that I had a fortnight before consultant appointment so sent me to 'hot' clinic. I went there on Tuesday and was seen by a very nice consultant who showed me my scans which showed tail end of infection nurse had told me I didn't have. He said I was to follow my own instincts and take abs when needed as bronchs know themselves. He has booked me in for another scan in 3 months time. I also have a collapsed middle lobe (right lung) and will probably have a bronchoscope to sort that out. However he thought the main problem was my heart problem and will discuss this with other consultants. He also told me that I must learn to factor these difficult days into my life. I came away feeling, in a funny sort of way, that I had 'permission' to feel unwell. In contrast spent a lovely day yesterday with my husband, daughter-in-law and gorgeous grandson escaping from the electrician working at home.

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Morning Carnival, hope you are doing some factoring and are relieved at being given permission to feel unwell!

Each day is different and it seems you are on the up.

Take care. Xxxxx

Morning Carnival.

So pleased that you got what you needed, eventually! Not much fun, all that hanging around. Sometimes I think we are far too hard on ourselves, to make life easier for others. I think we all need to learn to be a little kinder to ourselves.

Glad you enjoyed your day out with the family.

Take care.


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Hi Carnival

Gosh yes, we bronchs, especially lifelong ones, live with the idea that we have to be 'normal', do everything for our families as we should, not let others down, be involved in as many activities as everybody else and just work the exacerbations around it.We have been brought up not to be invalids. On the whole we are very hard on ouselves. Then something happens and it rocks and surprises everybody, usually our families and usual doctors the most because they cannot envisage us actually being 'ill'.

The doctor you spoke to was very wise when they said that you know your own body. I started experiencing a different type of breathlessness, bumpy heart feelings and lightheadedness in 2011. My GP and even my chest consultant kept telling me that I wasn't managing my bronch properly. My consultant even insisted that I see a physio to 'learn' to clear my lungs as I have been doing for 60 years! Finally in Feb 2013 My daughter said 'tell the beggars to look at your heart'. I told the GP this. She sighed, felt my wrist and all hell broke loose! Heart rate 179, blood pressure on the floor. I could simply have keeled over and stopped at any time. That night the heart man carried me into his office. I had been walking around with left ventricle dilated cardiomyopathy and AF untreated for two years! They don't know why it developed. Maybe Azithromycin, a virus, they just don' know. Now I take digoxyn and other drugs to keep it pumping and my heart condition is usually at the back of my mind. The symptoms cross over. So if you think that what you are experiencing is something different to your bronch insist that it is investigated properly.. Good luck, big hug.

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Hi stillstanding, my asthmatic friend had a similar experience......back and forwards to the GP with increasing breathlessness, and just given a different inhaler.

Eventually one GP found she had a heart all those years she had never had an ECG.....she was booked in for a replacement heart valve operation. I have never seen her look so well .

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yes knitter, heart and lung symptoms do cross over so we have to be ever vigilant and not take no for an answer. I'm glad that your friend was sorted out. A goid news story for once.

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That's horrifying SS. Thank goodness for your daughter. x

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Just what I was thinking. I have a serious heart condition and have had life threatening AF for some years, under control at present. The nurse gasped when she saw my collection of medication. I am on one drug for AF which can affect the lungs. I am seeing my GP on Tuesday, lung function test at hospital Thursday and then consultant the Tuesday after that. I had a ct angiogram 2 weeks ago so I am hoping to hear back from cardiologist, if not I shall start asking as my next appointment is provisionally August next year! Thanks for the good wishes and hug, I need it at the moment.

Interesting. Thank you.

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BTW I wouldn't let them near me with a bronchoscope! They are far too eager to use them on us these days. They don't 'sort' collapse once it has happened and with bronch can cause excessive bleeding. Ask some very strong questions before agreeing to it

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Wrong space! Thank you, that's interesting, I will bear it in mind

Hope you're feeling better, Carnival and it's great that you had a lovely day yesterday.

Yes, you do have permission to feel unwell, but at the same time you know your own body and always need to get things checked out when what's going on is 'different'.

Take care and have another good day! Sue x

Thank you

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Hi carnival. please read billiejean's response to me in my post I think my consultant is losing the plot' re bronchoscopy.

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