I am back after some time away

Well to say the last 6months or so have be fun I have been in and out of hospital with shortness of breath the last time I thought that was it and was in for 4days and got out just in time for my birthday which was mad I still have not had a smoke it as been 2years now I now have put weight on I am not going to say how much but I am about 2sizes to what I was which does not help my breathing and my 2knee replacements any way. I hope every one is well and tak care out there Ed

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  • Well done for not have a cigarette I think after 2 years your classed as a none smoker but under 2years the NHS classes you as a ex smoker. You need to deal with one thing at a time first the cigarettes and now the weight good luck

  • Good advice OAM.

    I never knew that about non- and ex- .

  • It is how our GP uses as a guide and many more

  • Hello Ed,

    You have conquered the worst thing, for two years is a long time, and we ex smokers all know how flipping hard it is, believe me. As for the weight, have you been on a PR course? If not, ask at the surgery..... they are great at getting you motivated to lose weight for it's hard on your own. I joined Sli**ing W**** for support and it's working well for me. There are men and women in the group I attend.

    All the very best to you.

  • Good to see you Ed and well done for not smoking. Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Congratulations on no smoking ,it's tough but you've done it ,so no relapsing ,,,as for your weight ,I can only speak for myself but I too put a lot of weight on when I stopped smoking ,,, but I said to myself ,, it was more important to go without the cigarettes even though I was putting weight on ,,,once I knew I was in control of not smoking,, then it was time to control my eating and starting to exercise ,,,,,somdont beat yourself up about the weight you can start to deal with that now ,,,maybe ask your GP for a referral to the PULMARY rehabilitation best wishes ,

  • You have done the best thing Edtongue1 and given up smoking I went from a size 10 to a 16 when I gave up, happy now I am back to a 12 and hopefully stay around that weight think we eat more trying to replace cigarettes and to keep our hands and mouths busy. I don't have a big appetite these days I worry more about losing weight can't win can we . My other half finishes what I leave and gets his knuckles wrapped for it he is on the extra large size. Now classed as a non smoker I am sure you will soon lose those extra pounds Goodluck and keep well 😊

  • I stopped smoking almost 30 years ago but I am still medically classed as ex smoker and my smoking got the blame from the consultant for my COPD (emphysema) but would have been much worse had I not quit

  • Nice to meet you Ed. I've never smoked myself but have heard from other people that you can gain weight after giving up smoking but do take things a step at a time.

    A few simple changes to your diet/routine are all that's needed to kick start the process once you feel ready x

  • Thank you all for all your replys I will take on board all you have said and try my best at them take care and be good ED

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