I've just joined, so I'm a total newbie...

Unfortunately, I'm not a newbie to lung disease, I diagnosed with mild asthma in 1991, initially only needing "a blue inhaler", then came the brown inhaler, 6 months later. Unfortunately at Christmas 1995, I developed a severe chest infection and from that point on it went belly up.

I'm now diagnosed with severe, difficult asthma and I also suffer from frequent chest infections, in the winter. Unfortunately winter has started two months early this year, it's only October and I'm onto my second infection, already.

Fortunately, I have an amazing care team, who have allowed me to self manage my asthma and I have steroids, anti biotic's and a nebuliser at home. I also have a portable nebuliser, that lives in my handbag.

Other stuff about me, I still able to work, last year I learnt to swim and I now swim 2-3 times a week, I am a proud auntie and I have a couple of rescued guinea pigs. I also work volutary as a Snowy owl and a girl guide leader, in training!

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  • Hello twinklesocks

    And welcome...l am on holiday at the moment, but nice to have you as a member and will talk some more when l get home.

    Velvet 🏖😎

  • Hi TS, welcome to the forum. Sorry things have become more complicated for you but glad you're still able to work, I think it's important to keep working if you possibly can. I am just wondering whether the reason for you getting so many chest infections ever been properly investigated?

  • A very warm welcome Twinklesocks. It's lovely to hear from you & I hope you'll join in with us.

    I hope you'll get over your chest infection very soon.

    I was never in the Guides but my daughters were. I can remember forever sewing badges for various activities on a sash they wore with their uniform. I wonder if it's still the same now?

    I was in the Girls Guildry which then became the Girls Brigade. I think the Girl Guides is a similar organisation. Good luck with your leader training.

    Take care of yourself 🌷

  • A very warm welcome to you TwinkleSocks. Agree totally with Hanne.


  • Morning Twinklesocks, nice to see you. You have not let your awful lung problems define you and try to lead as normal a life as possible. I do admire you and find your post uplifting.

    I care for my husband who has sarcoidosis and COPD and thankfully also has a rescue pack at home should he need it.

    Wishing you well. Xxxx

  • Hello TwinkleSocks,

    A warm welcome from me too. This is a great place to be I can promise. Lots of help nd good advice from people who are just the same as us but have good answers. You really have been through the mill over the years. It's horrible that winter has come early for you this year with your infections. I hope you are clear very soon. It says it all that you have such a positive outlook on life and are working and doing stuff for others with your Guides. I wish you success in your leadership:-)

    Looking forward to seeing more of you on here.


  • Nice to meet you twinklesocks. I look forward to reading your future posts. It's great that you are able to swim. I too was wondering about the chest infections as your asthma journey sounds like mine and I was recently diagnosed with Bronchiectasis. Take care and happy guiding.

  • Hello Twinklesocks, welcome to the site. Hope you have many happy hours talking to us all.

  • Hi Twinklesocks, and welcome. Look forward to chatting in the future. XXX

  • hi welcome to the site , hope you find it helpful

  • Welcome,from myself too😊Congrats,on doing all the right things,swimming is so good for the lungs,& it sounds as if you have all the Meds etc. in check,& the guides giving you a pleasent social life,as others have said keep up with the job,for as long as you can,it's good for giving you a purpose to get up each day!

    Will look forward to future posts,on this wonderful forum! xx

  • Welcome to this site T.S you will find so many lovely people here to talk too.


  • I just love the name Twinklesocks. It's so positive; makes me smile. I'm on my 4th diagnosis since April - asthma. Which, at the age of 70, came as a complete surprise. I'm suspicious of the diagnosis.

    Can anyone tell me, in words of one syllable, what asthma IS?

  • Welcome to this site TwinkleSocks@ and you sure have had to cope with a lot recently. Hopefully you'll join in here and I can see already you've had many replies.

  • It's me again. You've had mild , medium and severe asthma. How does the condition progress? My recent asthma diagnosis included "and I think you've had it for a long time" why hasn't mine become severe? Must it? Is it inevitable?

    I recently paid to have a CT scan on my lungs. The result was fine. How does that gel with an asthma diagnosis? Doesn't asthma show up on a scan?

    Aren't lungs complicated?

  • Hi Stevebridge. Asthma doesn't always get worse. Also, it doesn't show up on a CT scan. Why don't you phone the Asthma UK helpline for a chat, 0300 222 5800, they're open Mon-Fri. Here's a link to their website


  • Hi and welcome to the site sorry your getting so many chest infections we all dread them.

    We are a friendly bunch who like a laugh hope you find the site useful

  • Hi TS and welcome. I'm pretty new on this site too and I know you'll find I really helpful. Lovely bunch!


  • Hi TS I am sure you will enjoy this site & hopefully find some answers. You have certainly had a torrid time of it & two infections already, you must be seriously cheesed off.

    I would guess some of your small charges could be responsible for some of the infections? Have you discussed things with your GP to try to analyse why you keep catching them? xx

  • Thank you everyone for your replies and welcomes, unfortunately I forgot my log in detail's, but all retrieved now.

    Touching every bit of wood, I got over the chest infection and haven't had another one fothe past month

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