As promised here's

BENTLEY THE CAT...who howls from the rooftop at 3 am just so the neighbours can come out with their torches and listen to his 'Cata-wailing'

....who lays behind my feet just so he can receive a 'pity-stroke' when I don't see him and stand on his plate sized paw.

..who will eat nothing but Sainsbury Tuna in other Tuna will do..I know I've spent a fortune and tried every single blummin one, aside from all the various Cat Foods..though he is partial to Dreamies!!

BENTLEY THE CAT...who is a MOUSE-MURDERER and Moth Maimer..

He's luverley really... ;-)

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  • Morning Bajer, Bentley 😸 sounds as if he keeps you busy! He's a gorgeous colour. I don't have a cat 🐈 but lots of members here do.

    Hope you're well & enjoy 😊 your day.

    It's a beautiful day here on west coast of Scotland 🌞

  • He's definately a ' don't mess with me ' cat.

    Is he a six toed mother had a cat with extra big feet......good for catching mouses evidently .

    Thanks for the photo.

  • Oh Bajer! What a handsome boy Bentley is. Lovely photo. Xxxx

  • Pleased to meet you, Bentley. Handsome looking bloke. He should meet Eddy who is the size of a small dog, and so heavy. But he will eat anything I care to put out. XX

  • Thanks everyone...Bentley's an English short-hair..called a Teddy Bear Cat!! I rescued him from a very unscrupulous breeder who kept her cats in appalling conditions in an old Chicken Shed.

    She'd bred him in the hope of getting a Cinnamon off him, but he turned out to be the Runt of the litter. The poor chap had been left to fend for himself ..and there were about fifty Cats and Kittens in this place.. The breeder had 6 very young children, who passed him around ..probably only due to them hand feeding him like a dolly that he survived at all.

    I paid a lot of money to get Bentley away from that woman, and would have paid more. He was in a terrible state when I got him home, so tiny and full of worms and fleas. Took him to the vet, who gave him the full work-over. Bentley was diagnosed with FIV and Feline Chlamydophila (Conjunctivitis)

    ...he does OK, as the new neighbours will attest to!! I've spent quite a lot of time apologising for the noise he makes, but they're all cat-keepers so are very forgiving.

    Beautiful day here too Jessy...

    knitter I'm assuming you knit. I did too when the children were young, then I took up quilting a couple of years ago, I'm thinking of going back to it...well maybe!

    Sassy & pergola..Bentley knows what an incredible specimen of cathood he is...just a pity there's a couple of bits of him missing ;-)

  • Perhaps that's why he howls so loudly from the rooftops at 3 in the morning?? Hmmm?

  • love that belligerent expression. Just like my son's cat who lives with four small children and has taught them 'respect'

  • your a good woman and hes a lucky cat.

  • Very handsome boy. I had a British blue spotted shorthair called Bailey he lived to be almost 20. Unlike your boy he had a good start in life & came from an excellent breeder.

    Some breeders are so unscrupulous, most people know about puppy farms but pedigree cats command a hefty price now & I am afraid their breeding may be going the same way.

    Good for you in rescuing him & becoming his devoted servant ☺

    How old is he & how is he doing with the FIV? I had one catch that through a bite from an infected cat & he had to be pts, it was a long time ago when less was known about the disease. Penny xx

  • Bentley's almost 4 now and a long way from being the runt of the litter, he's turned into a bit of a big boy. He's nothing more than a big bag of wind though..more of a lover than a fighter.

    At the other place we lived, he'd been terrorised by the local Farm Cat called Arthur who kept nipping in and stealing his food (unbeknown to me) then standing by Bentley's cat-flap so he couldn't get in...poor lad just wouldn't put up a fight.

    We moved a month ago, and this time he's the Biggest Cat on the Block and the only Boy too. My Son's bedroom leads onto next doors flat roof, so Bentley goes out and stands on the roof announcing his presence to every cat in a 10 miles radius constantly...and boy is he loud haha.

    The FIV isn't too bad, his eyes tend to weep all the time, plus he has Moorens Ulcers on each eye, which do interfere a little with his vision (he's useless at judging distances..unless of course there's a tin of Tuna being opened..)But the vet didn't see any reason to put him through surgery as he copes very well.

    Your right too about the Cat breeders, this one lived in a huge house and hid the chicken shed at the back of her garden...and yes I did report her, all I hope is that they closed her down.


  • Oh my word - I hope you know your place coz Bentley certainly looks as if he knows who's the boss! Wouldn't be surprised if he's the top cat on the block, a very handsome and 'assertive' looking chap. Obviously a cat with good taste if he insists on tuna in spring water, and given his poor start in life - obviously he deserves it. Watch out for those paws!

  • Hi Bajer

    I am so glad you reported it, well done.

    Hmm I wonder if he is just playing Mr Tough now he is the only boy or if at heart he is still a big girl's blouse.

    My Mimi (photo of her somewhere on here) played Queen Bosscat with all mine even though she was an ex stray. She bustles a lot, something to do with feeling insecure about her very short legs I suspect. She used to bustle past at speed boxing the ears of any poor innocent pedigree (as they all were) in her way. Especially at food time or the possibility of food time. She is a greedy pig🐷.

    However when she is out in the garden any cat can come in & she just ignores them by turning her back. It is hilarious, clearly she thinks if she can't see them, they can't see her. If they approach she simply keeps turning her back on them. What a wimp!!! She is nearly 16 but a young man called Dave, very handsome all white wants to be her toy boy. She is having none of it despite his attempts at friendship.

    So glad he is doing well xxx 🐺🐱🐈

  • I love cats and your Bentley is one handsome 'mouse murderer' and 'moth maimer'..I have 2 of those myself and it's a free for all around here when a moth gets in the house!! Give the big boy a hug for me, hope to see more pics of him along the way..Wenzelea

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