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Just had a new pft test done my numbers are ..... FVC 89%....FEV1 78%.... FVC/FEV1 87%.... FEF25% 78%....FEF75% 33% .....FEF25%/75% 49% AND FEF MAX 91% ... CAN ANYONE INTERPRET HOW BAD MY EMPHYSEMA IS BASED ON THESE NEW RESULTS ...I GET A TON OF MUCUS CLEARING IN MY THROAT BY MY ADAMS APPLE AND FEEL TIRED ALL THE TIME...

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Hi I dont' understand all the numbers but FEV1 is your lung function. A figure of 78% means you are mild and in stage 1. that is very good. x

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You have an FEV 1 of 78. You should be jumping for joy and turning somersaults :) This is a lot of lung capacity that will allow you to exercise and feel much better. Do drainage techniques for the mucous, get a proper meds regime set up with your doctor and start taking control. Believe me, you can so so much to help your disease which is very moderate.


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