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Pneumonia Life expectancy


My mum has terminal pneumonia with sepsis that has not responded to antibiotics. She is on syringe driver morphine, hyoscine for the secretions and midazolam sometimes to rest. Daily her chest crackles/bubbles are worsening (in both lungs) but she continues to hang in and has pretty much full awareness. Does anyone know how long this will last pls? We were told 24 hours 1 week ago and it's tearing me apart seeing her suffer like this.

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Oh how awful Flo. I truly feel for you and your dear mum as it's never easy to see a loved one suffer. Sending love and peace to you both. Xxx

Dear Flo

My heart goes out to you. It must be so hard for your dear Mum, you and your family. I am afraid I can't possibly know how long this will last. It seems like the medics cannot say either.

I can only hope she will not suffer and will have dignity and peace.

My thoughts are with you.

love cx

Dear Flo, I see that you are a newcomer and welcome. I am very sorry to hear that your Mum has terminal pneumonia. You have all my sympathies. I cant help, myself - it is impossible to put a date on terminal illness. It is so hard to watch a loved one slipping away so every moment has to be appreciated.

Do you have a family around you? The support of your GP, social services or pastoral care if it is wanted. I presume your mother is in hospital. You will be in my thoughts. I am sure that you will be getting advice from other people in this forum. Sincerely, Pergola x

Welcome to the forum Flo. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum. It will be a difficult time for all your family. My thoughts are with you 🌺

Hello Flo1971 .

I am very sorry about your mum. I know how it feels. I went through the last week with my dad. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I cannot say how long this will take. I know from experience they go when they are ready. On their own terms. Just like birth. Do talk to her about the happy times. She may not be able to respond but she can hear everything. Hearing is the last sense to stop. Let her know it's okay to let go when she is ready to and that you will all be fine. That helped my dad a lot.

I am thinking of you this week. I hope for your peace and for your family's. I have a feeling your mum is at peace already. Although it may not seem so.

Hang in there. Much love to you.

Cas xx 🌹

Dear Flo, so sorry to hear about you and your Mum. You are both in my thoughts and prayers, for strength for you and a merciful release for your Mum.

Hello Flo know one really knows how long a terminal can go on You have my sympathy as I went through similar thing with my mum.That was 35 years ago and still suffer from it.

Hello Flo, how you must be suffering at this time, my heart goes out you, so glad you came on the site and hope it helps.....I will pray for you.

I am so sorry and feel for you and your mum right now. My experience is with my sister's passing 20.11.11 She died of respiratory failure She was on a diamorphine drip She was awake in the day and I have to say that she was like her normal self that I hadn't seen for years She was in bed, obviously, but I was glad to see she was happy She didn't appear to know she was so near the end (Which would be a godsend for me if it was me - I have severe, End Stage COPD I'd like to go like my sister) We were told the day before, "It could be 2 days to 2 weeks" That evening, the nurse said, "Of course, I'll increase the dose" The next day she stayed asleep and passed away at 1.30pm (If they talk about increasing the dose, don't be shy about asking question)

In spite of everything, I hope the nurses can get the dosage right so you can have your mum a little longer and that she can be happy like my sister was Remembering my sister's happiness in those last hours has been a great comfort to her family and me

I hope this helps I think, with the drugs, your sister is feeling better than you think. I my contribution hasn't upset you

Please accept my very best wishes to you Flo1971


Hi Flo, so very sorry to learn about your dear mum. Can't offer any good advice other than be with mum. All on this corum are experiencing lung/chest problems and am zure like me we are thinking of you and your mum. Thinking of you both, Mike

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