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COPD and/or EMphysema



I attended the second week of the rehab group and it was very good actually, however during the teaching/education bit the Nurse said that emphysema is now called COPD.

I felt confused and actually a bit upset because I thought although COPD is a progressive disease Emphysema was like the end stages of the disease?

Any thoughts?


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COPD Is a umbrella term for chronic bronchitis and emphysema can also include " chronic " asthma.

COPD has four stages. End stage only refers to stage four, and not end of life, as so many people surmise " incorrectly "

Thank you stone

What happens next i feel so tied all tie know i have C.O.P.D.and Bronceacticsis i am so tied and what to sleep ore omore

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sorry but may i ask what this stage is as a lot of people on here keep saying stage 1 2 3 4 as i dont know what stage i am at lol

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Based on your spirometer reading.

Stage 1

80% or more – mild COPD (able to achieve normal results after medication)


50-79% – moderate COPD


30-49% – severe COPD

Stage 4

less than 30% – very severe COPD

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thank you stone but as i dont know my spirometer reading. none the wiser but all i know is the doc say i have severe copd

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Hi I have been recently diagnosed with COPD and was given an inhaler which I have used twice. I am now on a lifestyle change and smoking went 3 months ago before diagnoses. I eat fairly well, but budget and craving biscuits has bought back some of the old favourites. I am mainly of all things dairy, but the occasional spread gets in and biscuits. I started to walk more in the park, grapefruits, oranges, lemons, limes, ginger, garlic are my best friends and spicy foods. However, it seems that an slip up I feel a blockage in my chest and nasal region. The coughing is dry now, sputum (mucus) was excessive when first diagnosed and slowly it is now very dry/ Need to take more water. What I am getting at, is there anyone here who have found any natural remedies that cleans lungs and therefore helps to heal at a cellular level.? Equally, there is a trial now advertise to COPD people where you have 15 visits over 6 weeks (expenses given) and given a cold to see the reaction to the system. Has anyone ever done the test? Is it something you would do? Any feedback helpful.

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Correction - all things NON DIARY

don't worry copd is an umbrella term for emphysema or and chronic bronchitis. emphysema which I have doesn't mean your end stage im severe but I can do most things still. slower than before and get out of breath but quality of life is good , my sats are good so not on oxygen,

That's encouraging thanks mmzetor

I have Emphysema/bronchiectasis and asthma they are all upper respiratory diseases but as others have stated Emphysema alone is now lumped together as COPD,its in one of my lungs and just means it is holelier and spongy and in a mild form apparently if you keep well/active and look after yourself you can survive up to 25 years with it.this was information from my pulmonary team at the hospital so don't think you are end stage x

Yes I understand, I think! People say to me they would never know that I have a lung disease because I don't look ill and I take care of myself, only people close to me during activities that wind me would notice my breathlessness, I guess I hide it well and it's good I don't look ill! Thanks for your encouragement.

Disability is not always visible and you don't get people making allowance for it,especially invites to bbqs and the smoke is a killer

True, there isn't enough awareness and quite often symptoms aren't visible to everyone, I went to London today with my daughter and I wanted to use the buses rather than tubes once we got to Waterloo, half the journey was ok on buses but second half we did the underground as she was impatient with the buses, and I Found it difficult as there didn't seem to be any air down there and was so hot and stuffy, trouble is the tubes are quicker than the bus!

Hi. Just a comment on the COPD/EMPHYSEMA. From what I have been told, all these lung problems are lumped together under the COPD title.

As other folk have posted, COPD is an umbrella term. COPD means 'Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder.

A common misconception is that 'chronic' means very bad, whereas it means long term.


I too have moderate COPD. When diagnosed 4 years ago I asked the doctor if COPD is the same as emphysema. She replied not until the end. I do get breathless. I do get tired but pace myself and don't feel too affected by this illness.

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That's exactly how I feel Sherry44. I try not to focus on my condition and just go on with life as normal as possible.

Hello Flowerpowerz. I'm new to this site but I'd love to hear how rehab worked for you as I start tomorrow & don't know what to expect exactly. I've been diagnosed with stage 2 emphysema so naturally I have shortness of breath & also experience slight dizziness at times. Does the rehab help with fatigue? I use a nonsteroidal inhaler - stiolta respimat which is gentler on the throat. I'm looking forward to rehab & hope my enthusiasm is not in vain. I look forward to your imput & hope you feel improvement. Thanks!

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