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Mycobacterium or IMM-101

New drug 'wakes up' immune system to fight one of deadliest cancers.

Mycobacterium in its live form creates TB and lots of other nasties BUT scientists backed solely by private investment

Focused on cancer immunotherapy and the role of heat‐killed mycobacteria as therapeutically and useful systematic immunomodulators.


The NEW caner drug IMM-101 has extended lives of people with metastatic pancreatic cancer and appears to have no side-effects

I thought IMM-101 looked famililar AND had seen it nocking bout net BUT that apart is good news the can use deadly dead mycobacteria to wake up immune systerm to fight target cancers.

As most lung dieased know or should when we have flu jabs they are what are called dead vacineses SO is good to see vacinces developmeants are making headway and looking into all possable treatmeant and or even cures AS our biggest weapon is our immunty.


Public private discoveries ONE as to ask why was unerversty of manchester omited from credits.

Could it be fine line the tread between public private discoveries and who owns the brain research AND why treatments so ecpensive if public funded universities played a role.


Like hows that work :o

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Very interesting JAS. I researched sarc years ago and that is on a parallel with TB. All moving forward it seems. Xxxx


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