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For Duration of Colomycin Inhalation


I would like to know the duration of Colomycin Inhalation course. My mom,87 yrs old, suffered from Quadriplegia secondary to Cervical spondylosis with Myelopathy .Then also got Pseudomonas Pneumonia ,very worse and finally tracheostomy was done ,discharged from hospital 8 months . Now she is on tracheostomy with Oxygen and now reinfection again of Pseudomonas Aurogenosa .So treated with Colomycin Inhalations for 2months already and last Sputum for C&S is clear of Pseudomonas. So I would like to know whether to continue of Colomycin Inhalation or not.

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treatment with long term nebulised colopmycin is common in conditions where psuedomonas is a problem. Some people do it permanently. It will depend whether the docs decide that keeping your Mum on the treatment will be the best thing to prevent the pseudomonas getting the upper hand. It is a relatively kind treatment compared to oral or IV antibiotics. I hope that she feels better soon.


Thanks for your reply. on 6th September , Sputum for C&S shows no pathogenic organism .So my Physician asked me to stop Colomycin Inhalation. In our country, unable to get Colomycin ,so I had to get help from other country to get this drugs. So if prolong use, how can i get this drugs .


Hi lelewin,

We get it prescribed by our consultant in the UK. I don't know how you get it abroad. You don't say which country you are in. If you are unhappy that the physician isn't doing the best for your Mum maybe you should get another opinion.


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