Has anyone tried

online dating. I thought about it one time. but then I think I better think again. If my wife found out my life would not be worth a plugged nickel as they say in West Texas.

The thing is it seems not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, one hears the stories of finding the love of their life online. But it seems people put pictures up that are 20 or 25 years out of date. The excuse being once they have hooked someone it could maybe lead to romance. It seems a risky business anyway.


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" Yes! Gus.. I have found love online😃...Megan..."

Well there you go. Good on ya as they say in Alice Springs.


" Thank you Gus.....Megan"

I found my 'current' husband through The Telegraph, Kindred Spirits page ... before online dating!!


Husband was a blind date. Not love at first sight but it grew and developed into a lasting marriage x

A blind years ago, meant that the date was arranged before we knew each other x

gustavski hi gus

You are crazy in the nicest possible way I really look forward to ur posts



When I was forty y.o., I decided it was time for me to find a wife.At first, I enrolled with Dateline which was hopeless and expensive. Then I enrolled with Christian Friendship Fellowship. This is a good dating agency, but they do ask you to be a committed Christian with an active church attendance.

However, the bonus is that I received a big wad with hopeful women. I wrote to a couple. My prospective owife wrote with a first class stamp on her letter which means, she was the first to ask and to be answered to. I’m so glad I did it.

We were honest about our illnesses. We met at the Serpentine. I fell in love promptly. I met her sister and her mum and dad. The dad was over the moon! Six months after, we had a lovely wedding thanks to my dad-in-law. 24 years later, we are still married and going strong, despite our illnesses. My wife is now in a care home not far from where I live. She knows me and I certainly know her! I do whtever I can to support her. There are times when she says: “I’m divorcing you!”. I will not tear the wedding certificate. We promised to cherish each other in sickness as in health. That’s the way I understand it even today.

To me, the weeding vows state clearly "do not tear asunder what God has put together. Yes, sometimes it's unfortunate that some people cannot go on together any longer. Fortunately that is not my case. I keep the commitment.


I understand that completely Mic, things are fairly similar between me and my wife.

We met through our mutual love of Doctor Who on Facebook. Didn't actually meet in person the first time though for over a year. It was another year almost before we met again, and again, and again...

Eventually we fell head over heels. I was honest and upfront about my illnesses, as Lucy was about hers. Although hers took a huge turn for the worse only a month after we officially started dating when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I proposed at her bedside the same day, after getting permission from her dad, and she thankfully accepted.

We were married two months later at a registry office (neither of us are big church believers) in a Doctor Who themed wedding.

Lucy is still with us, and I love her more and more each day. I look after her on her bad days, and she looks after me on mine. You could say it's a mutually beneficial arrangement!

I know one day things will take a permanent turn for the worse with Lucy, so I cherish the good days we have now.

Like you, I cherish our commitment and til death do us part really does mean just that with us.

Symes, love is a great healer. Thank you for your charming and encouraging report. Mic

No dating agency's for me just a grandmother and future mother in law who decided that hubby and I would make a nice couple. Now 48 years later I'm still lumbered with him, one is enough I can only pander to 1male ego at a time.


Online dating through dating sites was never very productive for me. But I did meet my wife through Facebook if that counts Gus?!

Well frankly Symes I am not in position to tell you if it counts or not.

I neither use Facebook, Twitter or all the other methods of communication that seem prevalent today.

I hate my mobile phone but realise it can be a good thing in emergency . especially driving on Motorways.

I would still have my old mobile, cell phone to you with a big antenna on but my wife threw it out...ha ha.

The Germans call their mobiles handies.


I tried on line dating, it never worked for me as I'm still looking !!

It must be so nice to have someone to share things with...

Maybe I'll try again!

Lily, with the right person it's very nice to share things. You have to check which datelines are best. I didn't like Dateline itself, expensive and not really with people who were interested in long commitment. I went for Christian FRiendship Fellowship which asked a lot of auestions about wh you want to join them.

I also joined a French lonely soul website. That produced its fruit too. I have made a freind and we have kept it going for 6 years now!

Somwhere there is bound to be someone who will find you fascinating! Mic

Thank you for replying Mic, but I don't hold out much hope at my age! as most men want a younger fitter model !!

Lily, never lose hope. Age may make you like an old apple, but your heart is there, that's the important bit. And after all we have a soul, that's invisible, but the effect of it is tremendous! Take care, Mic

Ha ha....on my way !!!!!


" lily..Never say never!. I found my love and partner for life on line. We got married in Gretna Green a week ago.. We met online 5 yrs ago. She moved from Usa so we could live together.. I'm 70.. And Cherie is 57. Age didn't come into it. As Mic said...Its the soul of whom we are. And...You will find your soulmate..NEVER say NEVER!!....Megan...."

Congratulations to you both, that is wonderful...you are both an inspiration....I always live in hope of finding my soulmate, so my search will go on !!! ...Anne aka Lilylung x

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