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Help please with questions I should be asking

Hello all, Newbie first

time post from me and I need help knowing what I should be asking the lung consultant when I see him for the first time on Monday.

Don't know about you guys but whenever I go to the Dr’s & after I leave the surgery, I remember else should I have asked or mentioned.

A bit of background….After a winter of severe bouts of bronchitis, I was sent for a CT scan in July which showed emphysema lesions & a 7mm nodule. I have another CT scan due end of September to check if this ‘nodule’ has changed.

I was a very enthusiastic 30 a day smoker for the last 4 decades. On receiving the results of my scan, I finished the pack and went cold turkey. (Have twice stumbled along the way & bought a pack, hopefully back on track now)

I have taken up walking at a moderate pace and around here it involves up hill and down dale. I have a bit of trouble going up the hills but mostly from my legs aching. Uphill I do have to stop and catch my breath now and again.

The day of the results my GP prescribed Symbicort to help me breath. I have not taken this as I don’t think I have a problem with breathing at the moment. Maybe I should be taking it to slow further damage?

So I guess that is my first question to the lung specialist should be about the Symbicort.

The only other question I can think of is what is my lung capacity now.

So, from what I’ve seen from other posts is that you are a very helpful bunch, so what are the questions you wished you had asked, what are the questions I should be asking?

Thanks in advance for any advise you can give..

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I have had CT scans which showed multiple nodules, doctor said unless they increase in size it's nothing to worry about? I have had repeat CTs but none for five years now, they didn't increase in size so I'm not worried. It was suggested a biopsy but that can be painful. The wait and see seems to be the norm unless you have other symptoms? Taking medications is a good thing to do and helps with severity of symptoms. Good luck


Perhaps you would benefit from calling the BLF helpline? They can give you a rundown on what to expect, what should be covered, what you can ask, etc. 03000 030 555.


Symbicort is a preventer and there is no reason not to take it as it opens up your airways so you might be able to walk up hills better. It won't slow further damage though. x


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