WHY are LUNG PATIENTS under guise of reciving best CARE when clearly mortality life style choses are a factor in treatment or lack of

WHAT as happened to lung diesed HUMAN RIGHTs and being able to live there life with out fear of discrimination especially when it comes to health care treatment options.

Take this for one example OF how lung diseased my be treated : lung transplantation is becoming more out of favor for patients with end-stage COPD because it is unclear whether it provides a "useful" quality of life.

That is just one example and we only have to look around to see it's common practice already round world epically in uk.

Who are these people playing GOD and what right do they have to say if I like being alive or not UNLESS in my shoes THEN am sure if was in our shoes would be singing different tune.

Truly shocking


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  • Age discrimination too! My husband was told that no one over the age of 60 is considered for a lung transplant, mainly because if the shoirtage of donors.

  • Hi First thing my lung doctor told me defo shocked me how clinical decisions could be based of life style.

    Where's the appeal processes ... stuff like that is all breach of your human rights

  • That is an excellent link. Thank you.

  • Hi Thanks I will be defo reminding my lung doctor of my HUMAN rights be no clinical decisions made on how I live my life

  • I am too sick to be healthy and too healthy to be sick. That is why NHS England ration all our medication and only when you are on your way out do they demean themselves to give you your medication.

  • Hi that's what my GP is allways saying to me LIKE you say the rational of them leaves me in shock and aour scratching my head.

    I just hope I don't surprise em one day and drop dead AS that would be bad.

  • I have end stage Pulmonary Fibrosis and have received exceptionally good NHS treatment over the past few years. I don't think that I was ever a candidate for a lung transplant. There does appear to be a very finite supply of healthy lungs available for transplantation and I don't consider that my Human Rights have been abrogated.

  • Hi HuwieHex am glad you have received good care AND we all should BUT what gets me is the chat that go's on behind closed doors we are not privy too

    Take lung reduction you would not be considered for that given how you live your life I don't think doctors have ever sat down and told me ABOUT how you live your life could effect treatmeant options AS we all know if life was that easy uncomplicated we would all be having a ball time of our life.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Really useful article & thank you for posting. I don't really think I agree with your sentiments though. Put it this way; if there is one pair of lungs & a number of candidates for lung transplant, who you going to choose? The younger person with more life expectancy following transplant; or someone older. Also if, one of the candidates indulges in a lifestyle that will mean the transplant has less chance of being sucessful & yet others live potentially healthy lives, who you going to chose? I don't see this as discrimination but a common sense allocation of limited resources. x

  • I agree but thats what am saying decsions are being made with out suffers even knowing.

  • Am here today becouse my GP tried doing a shipman.

    Dont think my lungs could stand anymore neglectful practices

  • interesting if depressing article thank you xx

  • i have read all of that link many times over in the past year...or should i say all of whats in that link...and i still find it depressing and hopeful....and there's hope but not for me..but am lucky am not to bad ...and there could be a cure before it's to late for me..

    last time am reading this stuff 5 o'clock in the morning ...

    time to get up ..shower..more tea..breakfast for the kids....school. ..and then for something that makes me happy ..go to the flower market.

    feel better now☺xx

  • I knew you would. Enjoy your day Andy.


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