Giving my info and thanks to you all

Hi thank you all for comments and advice it's appreciated sorry for late replies had no internet changed provider now . I do see a respiratory nurse , I see a consultant at hospital , I have no idea wot stage COPD I'm at ? I have bronchitis to , night time is horrendous I dread it lying down is big problem even with extra pillows , I have fibromaligia spelt wrong sorry rhynards , circulation problems cold left leg , have leg leg that can drag and trip me up and bad hip shoulder mainly left side , just told think diabetes give me a break , depression goes with terrortory I think , bladder problems , some nerve damage bottom of my back could be cause of left leg problem , bad left shoulder have a job keep arm up even to shave under arm , fed up list goes on legs feet swollen had odd heartbeat told could be part of COPD , was told at risk of sudden death syndrome at night scared me silly don't sleep well at all . My walk distance very poor , so I think if I went the vets would be put down and some days I'd welcome it lol .

I just wish I could have some help with breathing in the night , it's the worst time , scary time , have trouble with the pursed lip breathing have very small nostril airway I mouth breathe . I'm not moaning just getting you up to speed on condition sounds like I need shooting , health had deteriorated such a lot of late , I have nebs 4 times a day and medication told at limit of what can give me ? I'm on pip and ESA support group so not in work I imagine you would of guessed that lol .

I read all your posts and find them helpful and informative also makes me realise others out there in same boat , I'm not alone . I thank you all as a group. Too many to thank individually . God bless you all and hope you have a breathe easy night hugs for those who need one today .

Night all X

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  • Bless you and hope you can get some sleep though it must be very frightening. Sending hugs and good wishes to you. xxxx

  • Hi Greatbanks,

    Join the club. I am in the same boat as you so know what you're going through. I am sending this reply just to let you know that you have friends here to help out, maybe not to cure but to hold out a hand in friendship and God willing, some grounds for hope for us.


  • Hi, Greatbanks. If you cant manage the pursed lips technique try sip and hiss instead. For the sip, purse your lips together as if you are sucking through a straw, and for the hiss, bunch your tongue behind your teeth and make a sound like a snake. Four beats in, four out a few times; when that's okay eight beats in, eight out, etc. It's a singing exercise. My husband and I were practising it once in the kitchen when our cat came upon us and stared with eyes like saucers. He thought we were having a cat spat!

  • Have you tried sleeping in an armchair supported by pillows,when I had Bronchitis this was the only way I could sleep,also inhaling steam vapour helped a lot. Hope you find something to help you get some sleep.

  • Yes Redted I usually stay up in recliner so not flat not sure what bed is

  • Hi Greatbanks suppose I'm stating the obvious but have you tried sleeping tablets? You are among friends that understand how you feel here, it's a good feeling. Wishing you a good day and a peaceful night. Xx

  • Yes given meds help but because chest not good at all GP thinks sleep pills not good option with COPD to have tramadol and one that's a diamond shape odd name begins with Zim but only to take now and then

  • So sorry that life is pants at the moment.. You've got so many problems. Hoping that you find a way to get some sleep and rest.

    Love, Sue x

  • Thank you Sue , it's been an on going thing for a long time like many others have same problems it becomes you norm , not saying I like it but no choice you have to live with the cards your dealt unfortunately , so like all on here you muddle through best we can,. This forum has been a great help for info and comfort not on my own with this complaint , thank you you lovely people x

  • Hello There

    Dispite all your ailments you still have a good sense of humour and I would say that alone will help you. Having COPD gives us lots of sitting time and too much time to think about our ailments. Having a good chat online with like minded people I think helps and such good friendly helpful advise. We are all at different levels but sharing what we are going through helps the day, there's always someone out there listening to come back with a snippet of advice or something to make us smile. 😊

  • Your so right @ Efolumps4 lol love your name ha ha. This group is a great help , the old adage there is always someone worse than yourself sad but true ! It's not good for your horizontal jogging this COPD lol , or for partners at times lol , if you didn't try laugh at self u would be in tears so I try keep hold on what I can do however limited things become lol . Or you would be ordering one of those jackets with the attractive buckles on to keep you restraint lol they are doing them in pinks this year , think I'll pass on that fashion accessory this season . Keep laughing and smiling it's a good medicine .

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