Patiently waiting

I'm new and writing about my husband who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

He has had six cycles of Permatrexed and Cisplatin (not successful ) followed by three cycles of vinobriline again unsuccessful so he has requested to enter a trial . Our oncologist forwarded a referral six weeks ago and we've heard nothing . Has anyone out there requested a trial entry if so how long before you got any kind of acknowledgement . Many thanks and best wishes to all

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  • Sorry I cant help you with your query but just wanted to wish you luck and hope you find the answers you need x

  • Hello so pleased that you've acknowledge my plea ,Thank you for your kind thoughts nice to know people still care

    Thanks and regards always

  • You must be so worried and I know nothing to help you. You can try the search box (top, right) and try a search for the drugs or the condition.

  • Dear Toci thank you for your kind answer and concern

    Regards Always

  • Sounds like the taking mick THIS lady on facebook with good surport group VERY much in know and can tell you who you need to talk to AS she been there and come out other end.

    Here is her blog with links emai and am sure will help in your fight for best care treatmeant for your husband.

    Her names Mavis Nye she just recived (British Citizen Award ) If on facebook linkdin worth the search

  • I can't thank you enough for this important information . God Bless

  • I can only sympathise too and say I've read and heard of success stories with trials. There was a chap on radio 2's Sunday Love Songs this morning telling of his success with a trial after being given months to live. Moved me to tears. X

  • Hello Peege

    I will keep asking about trials as I need to know every avenue has been been tried. Thanks so much for your warm message

    Regards Always

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