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I am amazed

at the amount of paper that I throw out in the paper bin each week. Adverts in the post, newspapers, all kinds of wrapping paper from the supermarkets. Here's another thing. I received a package from Amazon the other day. I had ordered quite a small item, The package came and it was huge and filled with all kinds of packing.

I remember as a child toddling off with my mother to shop. One bag for potatoes all loose. and one bag for other groceries. Btw this was before supermarkets.


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what annoys me are the flyers inside magazines.....the first thing I do is bin them. I guess I am wasting paper buying the magazines in the first place, but I do like my puzzles and the TV one.

There was an item on a the TV about Amazon and packaging the other day .


it is amazing the amount of rubbish that comes through the letter box that goes straight in the bin such a waste and all the charity stuff don't know if you get them a envelope with a load of paper work , a pen , book mark , drink mats , thank you cards , calendars, then you think if they put all the money they spend on that lot into the charity they would not need to collect so much money to keep going , i give up having news papers now our local one is over a pound now and it has more adverts and houses in it than news , plus i only have to talk to the old man next door who knows every thing that's happened or happening in a 10 mile radius of the village , it was better when all the veg was sold loose the stuff they pack in all them plastic bags makes every thing sweat so much and goes bad quicker


This is something that really irritates me too, we used to have just one dustbin, now I have three wheelie bins plus a small bin for food waste and the one that fills up the fastest is for recycling paper/cardboard/tins/glass and plastic. I don't mind rinsing out things and recycling them but it really bugs me that there isn't just one easily recognisable and easily read recycling symbol. I'm fed up of having to go and get my specs just to be able to see if it goes in this bin, or that one and then being unable to decipher the perishin' squiggles............😤😤😤. There should be an easily visible, easily readable universal symbol on all recyclable plastics, and if it's not recyclable there should be a cross printed over the recycling symbol. Although ideally they shouldn't still be producing any plastics that aren't recyclable. Sorry for the rant but it reeeally bugs me😖


You know of course about the controversy about plastic bags especially in the supermarkets.

But what beats me is why can't the government forbid the manufacture here and the importation of them.

Would that not solve the problem?



That's the common sense answer to the problem! Unfortunately they don't seem to do 'common sense' anymore - it's whatever easy and cheap, only it's not cheap in the long run.


Hello Gus, Well you are right I have a massive blue bin to recycle paper , but to spite living alone, many weeks it is three quarters full. Mostly from packages, or junk mail. This week alone I have had repeated brochures in my monthly magazine. I recycle my mags by sharing with a freind. My biggest gripe is opening the packages with less agile hands. Have to admit Amazon ones are easy to open. The amount of paper wasted by charities is frightening when you consider their funding comes from donations.


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