World of Wonder

World of Wonder

Well i never knew mold could cause pneumonia ALSO i never knew you could nebulise tea BUT why anyone would i don't know BUT that is what my lung rehab guy said

Also i never knew if taking antibiotics you have to eat more in order not to lose weight.

Then we have athletes and why the drink the own urine AM i surprised no as i nearly had to eat sh%%# given i had sterilized my guts and healthy bacteria LUCKILY those fast absorbing live Bactria pills repopulated my guts and helped my immunity.

Anyway athletes drink the own urine to buld endurance replace electrolytes.

Question is in lung disease WE lose endurance AND with co2 and lactic acid we lose electrolytes and it causes muscle cramping.

Some think TAP water as electrolytes init but am quite sure it don't

As am sure athletes WOULD drink tap water rather than the own urine.

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  • I have certainly learned a lot there JAS but won't be telling Pete to eat more. Xxx πŸ˜€

  • Hi Sassy am still learning BUT the do tell me i need to eat more QUITE surprised me that about antibiotics THEY say if your gut bacteria left you would be 1 half kilo lighter

  • The 'mould' is aspergilla. Now you can look it up. I fight continually against weight loss caused by taking antibiotics long time and an immune system that is going like a steam train. That is 63 years with a lung condition.

  • Hi Stillstanding63 Sorry to read about long term suffering but am not far behind even tho relatively new to all suffering lung disease immunity issues have in store for us.

    Bacteria name i have is pneumocystis jiroveci carinii might be one same

  • Surprisingly that bacteria in the lungs is a new one to me. My best friend is the darling pseudomonas which so many of us fight to keep its numbers down.

  • Don't think i have been told what source bacteria i have.

    Might be region continent thing bacteria WAS reading virues are upper airway

    Bacteria usually deep in bottom of lungs

  • I have ABPA which is a bad combination of conditions. I find I loose weight when not well but then my body is fighting hard to recover and I loose my apetite. More except ode is the key toBoth better stamina and muscle gain = weight gain Keep going I am trying hard to stay as healthy as possible and be positive not easy everyday but when the sun shines a great day. Good luck I nebulise saline and salbutamol everywhere day twice a day in fact. Maybe you could try that. Nhs supplies the drugs but supermarket my have to supply tea!

  • Oops excercise is the key hoping to get back on my bike very soon.

  • Well I never jeff! I guess it depends, it is hard for me to lose weight - Thyroid issues. X

  • HI Scorpiolass wish was as hard for me to lose weight but just falls of me.

    Not sure ad want you thyroid issues tho SOUNDs complicated

  • Hmm ! I take antibiotics all the time but have no problem with losing weight. My problem is, I could do with losing a half stone :)

  • Could throw it my way Billejean2 if manage.

    But yer it something to do with how antibiotics work metabolism gut bacteria

  • morning Billiejean, Isn't it just so true how different we bronchs can be. Same condition, same abs - some can't keep weight on and some can't lose it. I suppose maybe if we took the lung condition out of the mix it is just indicative of people's different metabolism rates. I guess like me that having lived with this ( I hate the term 'suffered') for so long You just get on with it. I have just bought a wonder core smart exercise machine to add to the many others I have. I do think that some can indulge in far too much analysis instead of living their real life in as healthy a way as possible. I hope that you are still keeping

  • Unfortunately, metabolism changes a bit as you get older. All my life, I was naturally slim and could eat pretty much anything and never put on weight. But for the last three or four years, my metabolism has slowed down and I am now a half stone heavier then I used to be. If I was able to exercise vigorously or walk for miles the way I used to, I could get rid of it but sadly, that's not possible for me anymore. I can keep active and aim for 30 minutes specific exercise a day but it's not enough to burn calories. I'm not going to complain though because I'm very grateful to be able to lead a normal life and get out and about. I've had a few spells of sob and infection bad enough to prevent me from doing the things I love, so regard being well enough to keep active as a huge bonus. And from what I've read, having an extra few kilos in reserve is not a bad thing for people with our condition. That's what I tell myself anyway. Good luck with your new machine :)

  • I feel guilty complaining about not being able to keep weight on because most of my friends are like you and fighting it. I don't think that half a stone is too bad and agree that having a bit extra in reserve is good for us. When I had the empyema I went down to six and a half stone and it has been a long slow road back up to seven eleven. The machine is in the hope of building up my muscles but usually just results in more wieght loss. Oh well, keep on keeping on Billiejean.xx

  • Well, jeff, there is no way on earth you will catch me drinking my own urine. That would really taking the p*^s

  • I never thought i would ever come close to eating Sh#%# but JUST sometimes needs must.

    Defo agree is rank tho BUT when electrolytes are low you suffer uti's

  • Wouldn't eating gallons of Live yoghurt be easier?

  • I tried them the never absorbed fast enough befour you pass.

    If pills would not of worked think my gf would of had to donate me some.

    I know she had good gut floura

  • Very interesting...but I think I'll stick to water! πŸ˜…πŸ˜„

  • Truly world of wonders lol

    But water dose sound appealing GUESS it's down to needs must year ago or two never thought doctor would do prostate exam let alone camera.

    But I rest easy knowing ladies / girls have prostates to think it's called Skene's gland can only guess where that is

  • Do we??

  • Yer

  • Well, I never....😳

  • I was shocked to .. I won't say al have to keep my eye out for elusive ladies prostate as I just know is one

  • You could end up with a very black eye looking at ladies' prostates 😲

  • Very true BUT am I GENTAL man and would always seek permission.

    But think with me being soft lad I pass out at to much information lol

  • πŸš‘ πŸš‘ πŸš‘ πŸ˜„

  • I was just going to say something very interesting :) but trying to work out see what gray red things are made me forget :)

    But great timing lol

  • They are little ambulances...for when you pass out

  • Hi yer I can see that now :)

    Very handy given eppersodes I have lol

  • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I use Probio7 from Holland and Barret to repopulate the colon after a course of abs. Our little friends.

  • Wow jas, I learn something new everyday, but for me there are certain body functions that are ment to come out, not go bk in πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx Sonia xx

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