one bad August

Last weekend I had to use my inhaler a bit more and started to get a bit of a dry throat. I blamed it on the inhaler. Tuesday I woke up with a throat from hell. Could not get a docs appointment until then I could not swallow any thing even water made me choke. Guess what they gave me antibiotics in tablet form. Managed too get one down and gagged on that, the side affects were horrendous. So Thursday went back and see a different doc she gave me an antibiotic injection as well as liquid antibiotics. It turned out that I had an abscess in my throat caused by my tonsils. The first doc did not tell me this, so it proves that we have good docs & some that can't be bothered. This one was good and also told me to watch my chest in case it caused a flare up with my copd. Any way about 2 o'clock this morning I started to choke as I could hardly breath. Then suddenly I bought up a load of blood & muck that tasted vile. Luckily the Abbess had popped. My throat is still sore but at least I can now swallow water and a little bit of food, but for some reason I have totaly lost my voice. The doc has booked me in to see her on Tuesday next. To check throat and chest for any sign of a flare up. Also told me I might have to have tonsils removed as they are a source of infections that could cause a flare up of my copd. Never heard of that one before.

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That sounds nasty. You take care of yourself. :) xx

Sounds horrible Mick - I had quinzies as a three year old and they burst, so was whipped into hospital and tonsils removed. Nowadays I don't think they would take them out but that was in the dark ages of 1943.

Good luck on Tuesday.

How awful, Mick63. Hope you feel a lot better now that the abscess has burst and drained.

Has a doctor checked the popped abscess? It probably needs checking before Tuesday. Glad you're feeling better.

gargle with warm water and salt it will help to heal and keep out infections til you see the dr. Not too much salt at first dont want to burn anything just keep out infection, gradually add more salt, it tastes yucky but have a rinse after it will feel better.

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