Pulmary rehab

For those who know me ( by my usual posts) you will like me be surprised to hear me say ,,,," I'm afraid I am no better for doing it this time " in fact yesterday was my last day of the 8 week course and my breathing was so bad they sent me to my GP ,who saw me straight away ,,, ,this is a long story that I will shorten ,,,,,

December,January,March I had repeated chest infections including pneumonia and pleurisy,,,,,which obviously knocked me about ,and mixed antibiotics caused sickness,and so lack of appetite,so weight loss ,then it was found that probably due to all the coughing I now have a prolapse bowel/bladder/uterus,,,then my medication for underactive thyroid was changed reduced ,,,so all in all not much of me is working as it should ,,, I went on holiday with my girls ,,,which was lovely ,,,but not the holiday I had planned for us ,,,,,,then I was invited to do rehab again ,obviously there were many exersises that were improvised due to prolapse,,,,I had very little energy ,lethargic little interest in anything around me ,,,not my usual bright "energetic self ," breathless ,shoulder pain ,tired not much of an appetite ,,basically,,,,can't be bothered,,,,GP has requested I have full blood tests on Tuesday ,and even if they come back clear ,,,to make a further appointment as she thinks I could have depression,,,,???? Never had it so I don't know ,,,,,could she be right ,,,,?

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  • Depression? You think? Sounds like you've been through the ringer, over and over. Hard not to be depressed. But, it seems your GP is trying to get to the cause of it all. The company of good friends and a little prayer may help. It does for me. Hope you get some answers and help soon.


  • Thanks Bruce ,your right a prayer and friends do help ,I've missed going to my church ,I usually go every Sunday but this year? well only a handful of times ,thank you for your comment ,,,

  • hi nanny....ofcouse the doc could right..most people who are depressed don't know it but others can see it...

    with all that is going on with you I can dignose you from Thailand..but only with depression.

    but if you want to your doctor as I did the last time I was in England and told him that I wanted medication as I am really depressed can I have...xyz....No he said ...I think you just feeling sorry for yourself. ......Yes doctor I am...that comes with depression .

    I got what I wanted and i only used it on the long flight back to Thailand. ..

    I found the best thing for depression is talking with people who can make you laugh...

    I can't help there right now Nanny as am depressed and feeling sorry for myself. .

    hopefully all goes well with the blood tests xxxx☺

  • Thankyou for your comment ,,take care .

  • So sorry for you Nanny and yes it could be depression but that would be perfectly understandable after all you have been through. It's good to hear that your GP is trying to get to the bottom of things so well done her.

    Sending lots of good wishes your way and wishing you well. xxxx

  • Thank you sassy ,,,,yes I'm lucky to have GP that is so thorough,xx

  • not been an easy time for you so your doctor is probably right

  • 🤔

  • Hi Nanny, mmm could well be depression which wouldn't be surprising with the year you have had. Sounds like your GP is on the ball, great to hear these days, so hope you get some relief soon. Do let us know the outcome. Love Sheila xx

  • Hi Sheila ,yes of course I will give you updates ,,,,I'm hoping I just need a big kick up the back side ,,,,,I don't understand depression,,,,xx

  • Good morning Georgina,

    You have been through the wringer this last few months, and so it is no wonder that you are down, but you always put on your best face for your family and friends on here. I think the pr session has just about put the top hat on it because of the limitations, and the can't be bothered feeling is perfectly natural in view of all. Your Doctor sounds a caring man, so hopefully the blood tests on Tuesday will show the way forward, and you will soon be back to feeling more positive. It's horrible to feel down when the sun is shining. I do understand. xx

  • Morning Jennifer ,thanks again for your encouraging words,,,,I hate feeling like this ,and every day I say to myself ,come on not today ,,, try harder ,,, but this time it's not working ,,,,,I remember an old GP telling me years ago ,,,,that we are like a bouncing ball ,we keep bouncing that ball then one day snap ,,, it doesn't bounce back up , and that's a little how I'm feeling ,,,,hope what ever it is that's got me like this ,is soon gone from me ,,,,every year I say ,, well I hope next year is better ,,,,,sadly this year wasn't .but I hope it won't be too long before that ball is bouncing high again ,have a lovely weekend Jennifer and thanks again ,, oh , see consultant on 12 th about my prolapse ,,,decision time ,xx😘💊😊🤔

  • absolutely, just like me was ready to call it quits because I was a walking pharmacy and the coughing I cracked my ribs, that is why they put me on very strong cough syrup Hycodan during the day which helps to stop the cough, novahistex DH at nite you cough for a little but are able to spit up dime sizes of whatever and relieves the congestion in your nose and chest, both taste like shit. Pufffers Breo in the morning, spiriva 2 shots at nite and another one called Anoro specifically for COPD, Asthma and Bronchitis oh ya and prednisone for 10 days, and I took very strong antibiotics for 7 days. I didnt want to do crap,, get out bed, talk to anyone just cry and hold my dog,, if it werent for Bandit I was ready to just say bye!!! Now on my happy pills nothing bothers me either way, no emotions but she said my body needed a break and they are trying to get me into a shrink but there is a huge waiting list. Ive had Bronchitis and pneummonia most of my life never got just a cold,, wiithin 24 hrs it was in my chest.

    Depression can totallly screw your body in every way possible, your mind, your appetite, your physical well being. Maybe you too need a time out like me. A bomb could go off and I wouldnt care.. Some good cough syrup would help too why they let you go on that long was nuts,, you can really hurt yourself coughing. I was coughing until I was vomiting couldnt stop and couldnt breathe.

  • Hi ,thanks for your comments ,,,,regarding the care I'm receiving ,,,I really can't fault it ,it may seem strange to some ,but to me I couldn't get better care if I was paying

    for it ( I mean private health care ) ,,,I'm not complaining,,it's just something else on top if everything else ,im also hoping it's not depression ,,,and that after my operation ,,,all I will need is a kick start to my recovery from everything else ,,,if that makes sence ,

    Take care ,,,it sounds like you've been worse than me ,I wish you well ,

  • Nanny depression is not a bad thing, it may feel like it but it's also your body saying I need help and with proper medication it makes a world of difference, not saying you will be on it for ever or your mentally ill. Operations are scarey shit and maybe you need some help getting over that hurdle, its that simple and going into surgery with the right frame of mind makes all the difference in your recovery.

    Give it a try on a small dose like the doctor thinks, I dont know anyone who faces their disease head on that didnt need a little boost and that is all it really is, give your mind and body a rest to heal, alleviate your stress and all the crap going through your head. NO SHAME just GAIN and cant hurt to try, RIGHT!!!! Especially if you have a good support team like family. Wouldn't it feel great to wake up feeling good and not play over and over in your head what if this, what if that. Just a more positive outlook on yourself and what is ahead.

    Yes I have been through hell and back and since taing the mood stabilizers Ive been doing better both physically and emotionally.

    Try it nanny it doent work over night it takes time for your body to respond. Im here to listen, anthing you want to share and if more comfortable re privacy message me private I promise it will stay between the 2 of us. Sometimes an independant non-bias point of view helps. Im here if you need to talk or vent.

  • Hi again , I will give the pills a try if that's what GP suggests ,,,she may well be right ,I'm definitely not my self ,

  • trust me it will make a world of difference and give your mind and body some needed rest

  • Thank you so much ,I'm willing to try anything m

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