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Could someone help me out reading my spiro results?

Hi everyone,

I am panicking and would really appreciate if somebody could look at my spirometry values.

About myself: i am 28, 1,84m and weigh around 78kg

My results came back as following:

Predicted values: FVC=5.09, FEV1=4.24, FEV1/FVC82.2, PEF=10.42, FEF2575=4.66

Pre bronchodihaltor: FVC=8.35(164%pred), FEV1=5.72(135%pred), FEV1/FVC=68.5(83%pred), PEF=12.65(121%pred), FEF2575=3.88(83%pred)

Post bronhodihaltor: FVC=8.08(159%pred), FEV1=6.31(149%pred), FEV1/FVC=78.1(95%pred), PEF=13.19(127pred), FEF2575=5.26(113%pred)

What worries me is that i am significantly under prediction pre broncho in my FEV1/FVC values and still a little under after diahaltion. Would this classify me as copd patient?

Thank you all for your help!!

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Hi TAESFX. Sorry, I'm no expert on these things, but a lot of your percentages look very good. Mind, most of mine look reasonably normal but one low value gives me a moderate COPD diagnosis. What symptoms do you have, that made you have a spirometry test?

Why not give the BLF help line a ring on 03000 030 555 and have a chat with the nurses about it. They should be able to explain the readings to you.

There'll probably be some people along later today on this site who'll be able to help you better too.


Hi Ergendl,

Thanks a lot for your reply :)!!

My main symptom is phlegm in my throat especially in the mornings and the evenings and occasional wheeze which stops when I clear my throat.

Also after sport I notice a slight wheeze and phlegm in my throat.


That sounds as if you're doing the right sort of things to keep as fit as possible. Hope you get the answers you need soo.


Hi, there is a web site,, where you will find a Spirometry Calculator. Put in the figures and see.

What did your doctor say to you after results were given ?

I would not worry though as your figures are very good. But if you do smoke then Stop.

No doubt someone will be along to clarify your figures with you.

Regards JP


Hi could this be asthma instead coz that can make you wheeze and breathless? You are very young at 28 to be diagnosed with copd unless you have a genetic link. Most sufferers aren't diagnosed untl their 40's and 50's often following many years of smoking.

I am not saying nothing is wrong but it is very unlikely to be copd at your age. x

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Unlikely. The 'best' readings possible come from caucasion males. And your results, whilst little below predicted in one area, are still well above the lower limits in the caucasion male normal range.

That in itself wouldn't rule out COPD, but without genetic factors, significant smoking history or industrial contamination, it probably would. Add to that COPD is unlikely at your age.

How long have you been getting the wheeze?

What does your dr say?

Nothing showed on X-ray?

A CT scan may be more conclusive.


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