annoys you.

Well the worst thing for me is cold calls be they telephone or on the door.

I suppose to a certain extent you can block cold calls on the telephone with voice recognition and other things you can install. The worst thing you can do is to tell them to fffff float off. That makes them mad and they do it more. I just ignore them I look to see who is calling and if I don't recognise I don't answer,

It is not so simple on the door. Okay you can say sorry you are not interested in double glazing or you do not want any info about various religious sects.

When I was a bus driver for Berlin corporation the BVG Berliner Verkehrs Gesellschaft I sometimes had to do night shifts. I can tell you there is nothing more annoying than coming home and when you are in the arms of Morpheus the door bell rings and bleary eyed you go to the door and two smiling people say ' We bring you good news ' I won't repeat what I told them to do with their 'good news'.

but listen, think about it. Even if you are awake in the day, you could be in the bath, on the lavatory, making your partner giggle in bed. it is annoying.


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Here's another one.

Exercise. Now I know it is good for you but that does not make me like it.

I go to the gym and tell myself I will do 30 min on the treadmill I end up doing ten min and heading for the sauna.


Hello Gus. Totally understand is why there is a camera and intercom at my front door. I just think it's also safer. Have a good weekend. xx Cas 🌈

Rude people are top of my list!

Now that's a funny thing.

What constitutes rude?

I would consider jumping a queue rude or letting the door slam in someones face.

After living so long in Central Europe I find that the British especially the English say sorry or please, and thank you much more than is necessary.

I stepped on a guys foot the other day and HE said sorry.

I really think the English take 'manners' too much to heart.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with being polite.


It was nice to hear that we are polite I try to install this in my grandkids as manners cost nothing

I was thinking more of the abuse that gets shouted down the phone at me at work. You really wouldn't believe the things people say sometimes.

Yes I would and I do


I also get annoyed with cold callers, especially when I know my number has been 'sold' by a company or organisation that has no business selling it, grrrrr! Thankfully, I now know how to block such numbers. :)

You do! tell me how if it is not to complicated. I am not very technically minded.


It's simple on my mobile Gus, in my calls 'history' I just need to highlight the offending number, a drop down menu appears and I choose 'block number'. I think you can do it on most mobiles now so how it's done will depend on make and model. :)

funny you talking about blocking number...I had to phone my service provider A I S..to complain about an wanted calls and messages. ..the young lady who took my call said she was very sorry that was happening to me and if I told her what numbers she would block them so as I don't get disturbed again....-

thank you very much I said...all the numbers and messages are coming from your company A I S..

thank you sir she says ..I will look into it...half a minute latter she says yes sir Mr Andy..I have put a block on all those and i will refund you 80 bhat ( 2 pound ) you was charged for 2 message. ..

I didn't know I had been charged. ..

not bad for thailand☺

All well and good.

First I try to avoid using my mobile I hate them. Only use for them is if you break down on the Motorway.

Another thing I have the cheapest version so i doubt if it has that feature even if I knew where to look.

Second, on my land line is where I have cold call problems is that most of them say either 'The caller did not give their number' or it is a International Call also can not be traced.

Btw BT say they are bringing out a foolproof method to block cold callers at the end of this year even international ones.

It will probably cost mucho dosho.


I may be trialling this shortly :)

I have a note on the inside window of my porch that reads

Polite Notice

We do not buy at the door, or wish to discuss politics or religion.

It works most of the time.

take care

polly xx

What a good idea, I am going to print one out now, many thanks Polly

I like that, not sure where I could put such a notice as I don't have a window by my door but I'm definitely going to give it some thought. Thank you.

I HATE middle lane drivers on the motorway. Agghh xpiggix

You can register to stop recieving unwanted texts & telephone calls.


I hope it helps. Take Care Margaret

Thank you, i will give it a go.


I hate all those PPI adverts in the media - they make me want to scream. I also hate people who's attitude is that they are better than you coz they have more money, more status etc. x

Well I am here to tell you that they are not better than you and certainly not better than me. So let us give them the V sign. Waddya say.


Hi gustavski it annoys me when I run out of Pork Pies, me Guinness goes flat (not very often though), I get a flat tyre on me Push-Bike, the rubber on me walking stick falls off, me Black Sheep tries to pull the wool over me eyes, velvet55 picks on me Baggy Trousers and most of all I get really annoyed that I get annoyed. 🙄😳😂😂😂

Oh! I just remembered, it annoys me when people ask me what annoys me!!! 😬😬😬


call blocker telephone expertreviews.co.uk/mobile-...

I have one it blocks international and unavailable numbers. I can block pests by blocking them too. I also belong to the tps service but some calls still get through.

On my mobile I go to number click the drop down menu and click auto reject.

I don't block withheld numbers because they are usually from the doctor or hospital.

Cold calls are simple ask them tO hold the line,i have actually had a male hang on for half an hour,before being told where to go in no uncertain terms ,funny how they don't ring to often now.

I have a notice on my door warning people not to cold call, it's been there for years, think I got it from the council, it works a treat. As for the telephone you can contact the Telephone Preference Service. Good Luck.

Hi im jei ann centino,i would like to say thank you to all the advice about my thick phlegm it helps me a lot,

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